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10 Tips for Maximizing Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are increasingly popular to live in because of the various facilities offered, security guarantees, strategic locations, and so on. Sejasa have tips for maximizing studio apartments (also applies to other types of dwellings) to feel spacious and comfortable. Find out more here!

Large table is useful when working or eating with family. Large sofas that can accommodate several guests will make them comfortable. Large mattresses provide a better resting experience, right? Adjust the condition of your apartment so that the occupancy does not feel cramped.

Welcome the Sunlight with Window and Mirror
Make sure your occupancy has a strategic window location so that sunlight can enter. To The mirror also functions to create the illusion of a wider space.

Installation of curtains is also useful as a door for open cabinets without making the room more narrow.

Smart Storage Free Space from Messy
The key to a comfortable little shelter is the correct storage placement. Happy creating other smart storage!

Hanging Plants for Flora Lovers
For plant lovers who don’t have a garden or a balcony for planting, pot hangers are the right solution. You can plant medicine, herbal leaves, and even small vegetables that can be picked at any time. Place it near the kitchen window so that the plants get enough sunshine nutrition.

If your couch is not designed for storage, you can add a basket, container box, or small cupboard. This effectively maintains neatness in confined spaces. Come on, apply this method!

Floating Shelves
Every corner of the room as storage is indeed not dead, including on the wall. Above the door, corner of the room, even on other furniture. You can put trinkets, collections, and so on while saving space. There are a few tips for those of you who will use a floating shelf so it doesn’t look monotonous. You can use plants and items with different heights to get a more varied texture and attract attention.

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