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10 Tricks to Arrange a Simple But Elegant Home

Arranging a simple but elegant home interior is sometimes not easy, especially if you only have limited funds. However, realizing a simple but elegant home model is not impossible and can even be achieved with perfect totality.

Many interior designers reveal the secrets of arranging a simple but elegant home, from adding certain decorations to painting strategic points in the house. Kania will be various simple but elegant house tricks that will definitely benefit you!

Clean House = Luxury Home

Want the last trick that is not only easy, inexpensive but also important for the health of all family members in a simple but elegant home? Yes, the key is to diligently have a routine arrangement and cleaning system for simple but elegant homes.

Cleaning dust and wiping household appliances is routine maintenance that must be done at least once a week or two weeks. Make sure you also clean the windows, the ceiling, to the corner of the room without leaving the slightest gap.

House Paint Holds an Important Role

Determining the right color for house paint is probably one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner must make. But for those of you who want to have a simple but elegant home, try a combination of “bold and dramatic” or “soft and completely calm”.

By choosing one of the two options above, you can create a simple but elegant house with character.

Do not forget, choose black for the door of the house because black can give the impression of luxury. Balance also with some other room decor that is black.

Using a soft pillow

Pillows of various sizes are one easy way to create a simple but elegant home. The key is to carefully choose the motive, size and material of the pillows themselves.

Pillows that are too large will not make your house look elegant, on the contrary, it will make your house look full. If you have a house that tends to be small in size, choose decorative pillows that are simple and small in size.

Care for the Window Home Carefully

Want a simple but elegant home easily? Do not ignore the appearance of the home window. Always choose high-quality and high-quality window material, so that a simple but elegant home window will look sturdy and secure.

By diligently cleaning the shutters, including providing new oil paint is a way to present a simple but elegant home without spending a lot of money.

Adding Curtains Made from Soft

Still about the appearance of the window which is often the focus of a simple but elegant home. Add soft curtains in your room.

Materials such as silk, linen and cotton can usually be an effective alternative to window curtains for simple but elegant homes. If you don’t like fabrics, you can also choose good quality bamboo or wood curtains.

Don’t Forget the Right Lighting

Choosing the right lamp will give a touch of elegance to your simple but elegant home. Kania recommends that you do not hesitate to experiment with a variety of decorative lamps, both hanging lamps and floor lamps. It may feel trivial, but the right lighting can create a warm and cozy home atmosphere.

Wood Floor VS Carpet

It is undeniable that a house with a carpet is always synonymous with luxurious appearance. Especially for simple but elegant houses, Kania recommends that you choose classic, elegant and more affordable hardwood floors compared to end to end carpet installation.

Installing wooden floors in a simple house can be the most profitable property investment in the long run. Many choices ranging from solid wood floors, laminate, to other variations of wood floors that you can adjust to your budget.

Accessories and Decorations Add an Elegant Impression

Lots of homeowners don’t realize the important role of accessories for their home. Arranging a simple but elegant house can be realized with the right accessories.

Simple and elegant home decoration at

There are so many affordable ways you can try, for example by choosing certain themes such as sparkling gold or silver. Metal elements can add an immediate luxury effect if appended appropriately.

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