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16 Simple Bedroom Decoration Ideas But Feels Broad

Although each room has been optimized, the possibility of having a spacious and magnificent bedroom seems to be just a dream and you must be willing to have a simple bedroom.

A simple bedroom that is not too large allows you to decorate it according to your needs and additional personal touches. CASA Indonesia has prepared a number of inspirations and simple bedroom decorating tips to make it more lively and colorful.

By arranging a minimalist and simple bedroom with a sufficient number of interior accessories and furniture, you can maximize the bedroom area for relaxation without the feeling of tightness. You can apply the bedhead design extending to touch the endtable area so that it presents the impression of a seamless bed.

Tips from CASA Indonesia: When designing or decorating a bedroom, imagine what your or your partner’s activities are, if you are married.

Storage racks attached to the walls and ceiling of a simple bedroom are an efficient space solution for the addition of other essential interior elements. The drawback is that the cupboards for sulut are cleaned, but the benefits can also be the foundation of a sleep or reading lamp.

Tips from CASA Indonesia: add paintings to bring different colors to the bedroom with the dominance of white that can add to the warmth of the atmosphere.

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Changing your wardrobe with a standing clothes rack in a simple bedroom not only functions as a space saver, the clothes also get good air circulation thereby minimizing the attachment of mold to your favorite outfit.

Separate the dressing room with the bedroom

Separate the dressing room with the bedroom

You can put your wardrobe in the hallway to the bedroom which also leads to the bathroom or is referred to as a walk-in-closet. In addition to providing space in the bedroom, it also makes it easier when cleaning the house.

Installation can be used as a work table, as well as a place of decoration such as a figure. Alternatively, you can design your bedhead custom, so that it can function as a work desk.

Tips from CASA Indonesia: The ideal size for a shelf and work table is 1×3 centimeters and make sure the material is strong
Apply bright colors to the simple bedroom
Apply bright colors to the simple bedroom
According to the study, bright colors that are applied to the bedroom, especially on the wall can add to the dimensions of the room that seemed to look wider. However, bright colors on furniture are also able to give the same results, although not that perfect.

Generally, blue is suitable for relaxation in the bedroom
15 Color Combinations of Bedroom Paints
Build a different atmosphere with a combination of two colors of wall paint

Build a different atmosphere with a combination of two colors of wall paint

Manser Greenwich
Decorating a simple bedroom wall with a personal touch requires more dedication, especially a matter of time. If you don’t have a lot of time to decorate your bedroom, decorating it with two-tone colors can bring a new atmosphere and a new spirit.
Wallpaper and carpets as a personal touch vocally
Wallpaper and carpets as a personal touch vocally

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