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20 Best Wall Paint Recommendations

There are many things that must be considered, such as color selection, location of the room to be painted, the quality of paint, to adjustments to the color of furniture. For that you must be very observant in choosing wall paint.

At present, there are many types of paint to choose from such as Nippon Paint, Jotun, Dulux Catylax, and others. So that you are not confused in choosing, we will provide recommendations for the best wall paint and its advantages. Before that, we also shared tips on what things to consider in choosing wall paint.

Best Wall Paint Recommendations

There are various paint brands that you can buy easily in the marketplace.

Soft colors that are elegant, to get a calm atmosphere

These colors provide a cool, soothing atmosphere, and can relieve stress and balance emotions. The house with the dominance of this color will also seem spacious and modern. You who are introverted, reserved, serious, and calm will be suitable to use this color paint.

Natural color, to bring a warm atmosphere

For those of you who have a warm, vibrant, simple and friendly personality, natural colors like red, brown, yellow, orange, and terracotta are the right colors. The color is able to reflect your personality. Houses with natural colors will also be impressed warm, comfortable, harmonious, and familiar.

Cheerful colors, to create an atmosphere that is fresh and full of vitality

Do you want to create a house with fresh, lively and full of vitality? Try choosing paints with cheerful colors like bluish white, light yellow, lemon yellow, lime green, apple green, sea blue, or pink. Colors that take inspiration from nature are suitable for those of you who are open, happy to interact with nature, and love to try new things.

Bright and bold colors, to highlight bold characters

Rows of bright and firm colors like dark green, dark blue, bright yellow, bright red, dark pink, and dongker blue will create a bold home character. These colors can cause feelings of freedom, self-confidence, expressiveness, and increase the power of concentration. This color character is suitable for a dynamic, lively, sociable, and youthful person.

After learning about the color psychology, you should also understand the types of paint based on the characteristics of the end result. There are paints that produce glossy, matte, eggshell and satin effects.

Glossy paint, for a sparkling appearance and easy to clean

Glossy paint is divided into two types, namely high gloss and semi gloss. When exposed to light, walls that use high gloss paint will look more sparkling. This paint is suitable for external walls that are often exposed to sunlight. Meanwhile, the type of semi gloss is more suitable for the kitchen or bathroom wall.  Another advantage of glossy paint is that it is easy to clean when there are stains attached.


Eggshell paint, for a finished wall that is textured and easy to clean

This type of paint is easy to clean and doesn’t reflect sunlight too much. You can apply this paint on the walls of the family room, work room, or living room. With eggshell paint, your wall will look quite artsy.

Satin paint, for a luxurious look

When touched, feels soft in the hand. This easy to clean paint can be applied to the walls of a room or living room. For those of you who have restaurants and galleries, this type of paint is the best choice.

This type of paint is usually water-based (water-based) and is easy to clean when there are stains attached.

Meanwhile, for the exterior walls of the house, you should look for a special exterior paint that is flexible or made from latex acrylic.


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