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Do you want ideas for a different mantle decor than you used last year or, do you simply enjoy looking at holiday mantle design ideas? As I searched for my inspirations for this post I found it hard to pinpoint one particular style or the other. So instead, here are some examples of designs that mix the old with the new because this is the time of year that is all about old traditions and new beginnings.

Mantle Decor Gold Neutrals Green Natural Scene Candles

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3 Sensational Mantle Decor Ideas

Feelings of Flora & Fauna

You won’t find any real forest animals (fauna) in this room. But the way the flora appears to continue into the painting, it’s as if a deer could walk right out of the painting and onto the mantle. I think this is a great example of how to bring the aura of nature inside our homes. This all-natural mantle decor has layers of evergreens, cones, grasses and more to fill the air with the essence of the forest throughout the holiday season.

Mantle Decor Browns Greens Traditional

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Bold Bright Bulbs

This design is a strong show of color and large ornaments. Color this bright creates a statement strong enough to be the focal point of the room. Something to note is that because of the size and impact, there is very little need for additional holiday decor in the rest of the room.

Mantle Decor Modern Bright Colors Large Ornaments

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Brass • White Winter Village Scene

Winter villages are always charming and this is no exception. Whites, brass, beiges, and lots of fresh seasonal greenery set this color scheme. I love this big round mirror! It’s like the moon or the sun overlooking the little village below. This scene lights up nicely with the white taper candles in the varying heights of turned brass holders. The entire scene along with the candle lights reflects so nicely from the mirror out into the room with a cozy feeling of cheer.

Mantle Decor Modern White Green Brass

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Warm Wishes of Seasonal Joy

Whatever style or design you choose for your mantle this holiday season, remember to take time to sit back and enjoy your wonderful decorations. I wish you the holiday decor of your dreams as you entertain your family and guests this season.

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