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5 Amazing Cleaning Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

At special moments such as before Lebaran, going home is a common thing that many migrants do. In addition to going home, the reason for a long vacation is to explore and explore many interesting places, both at home and abroad.

Well, here are some practical tips so that the agenda to clean the house after being left on a long vacation can run smoothly.

Start from the bedroom, change the bed linen, and clean the dust

Well, if the bedroom is clean first, there is no need to be confused about where to rest.

To clean it, replace the bed sheet with a new one, wipe the furniture in the bedroom, trim the piles of clothes, clean the cobwebs attached to the corner of the room, then mop the floor to make it more sleek. Finally, add air freshener.

Continue cleaning the family room and dining room

The next step is to clean the family room as well as the dining room. Clean the refrigerator so it doesn’t smell.

In the family room, you also need to clean the sofa (if any), carpet, pillows for relaxing, and so on. If the weather is favorable, dry the carpet and pillows in the sun so that the germs that are nested die.

Guest rooms need special attention

As a space for meeting guests who come to the house, guest rooms are very important to keep clean. Especially if there are a lot of furniture in the guest room that is vulnerable to becoming a den of dust. The sofa should be cleaned carefully so as not to damage, as well as various other room accessories, such as wall hangings.

The bathroom often keeps many surprises

The next area that should not go unnoticed is the bathroom. Use a special bathroom deodorizer to expel it.

However, first make sure all bathroom floors and walls have been brushed and cleaned. If you use a water reservoir, you should also clean it and replace the water with a new one.

Area outside the house is no less important to clean

Well, after all parts of the house have been cleaned, it’s time you start working on the area around the house.

Thus some practical tips to clean the house after a long time left on vacation. Even if you are tired from a long journey, you should still provide additional energy to do this.



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