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5 Color Application Tips for Your Home!

Color is one element in managing a house that is very important. Because color is a unified whole, between space, furniture and accessories. Likewise, when we choose the right interior color to be applied at home. Suitability of interior color with the atmosphere of the house can determine the mood of the residents in the house, especially in certain spaces.

Different colors will create different moods, such as joy, enthusiasm, calm, to panic. Please note, the color effects that arise in each person can be different. Some factors that influence it are age, race, culture and life experience.

Here are some examples of interior color applications that you can use in your home:

Gray interior color applications

A room with gray interior color will look cool, tends to be cold. You can take advantage of this property to be applied in a room that does require a soothing feel, for example the bedroom, living room or bathroom.

This of course will make you feel comfortable and relaxed while in these rooms after doing activities outside the home all day.

Yellow interior color application

Soft yellow is suitable for use in creative spaces or foyers.

Blue interior color application

Use blue, be it light blue, dark blue, and all kinds of blue, as the main color in the workspace and bathroom. Light blue shades are also preferred for use in the living room, because it makes guests feel more relaxed and relaxed. A nice combination is a combination of blue and white or light yellow, because it can channel positive energy.

Application interior color green

By using green color in the workspace can reduce your level of comfort at work. For public spaces, soft greens are often found in hospitals or nursing homes.

Brown and beige interior color

Chocolate and cream can be said as a neutral color that is a favorite. Both are colors that are ‘rich’, neutral, and suitable for any room and atmosphere presented.

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