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5 variations of unique wall paint techniques

The beauty of a house is not only seen from the building, but also from the interior design chosen. One of the walls of the house, becomes an important thing that is inevitable in assessing the success of your home interior. Of course, the results of a beautiful wall paint can not be separated from the technique of painting. Not just using brush and roller applicators, applicators for painting walls are very diverse. Therefore, this time will discuss 5 variations of unique wall paint techniques that will make a house even more instagramable!

You can immediately dip one of these applicators and apply it to the wall freely. In an instant your home will become super artistic and instagramable!

Motive Technique
If you like the beauty of patterned walls, you can apply them all to the walls of your house without using wallpaper. It’s really easy to do, one of which is by stamping the motif or by using a patterned roller brush and TADAA! The walls of your house immediately change to become more classy and instagramable!

Mural Technique
This technique is the most hits among young people. This technique allows you to express yourself and your personality even more! Using paint or spray gun, the mural technique produces a 2D work of art in your bedroom. Come on, channel your imagination and creativity through this one painting technique!

Ombre / Gradation Techniques
Gradation technique or better known as ombre is a subtle blend of old and young colors. The beauty of this blend is guaranteed to add aesthetic value to the walls of your home because of the strong artistic impression. Surely your home will look more perfect with a supportive interior arrangement!

Geometric Engineering
The beauty of art galleries can move to your home with geometric painting techniques! You can produce artsy and colorful touches on the walls using only paper or even masking tape. Especially if you are good at choosing color combinations, every guest who comes will definitely not be able to not praise your home!

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