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7 Effective Ways to Clean Wood Flooring at Home

7 Effective Ways to Clean Wood Flooring at Home

Modern society is increasingly creative in integrating flooring materials with home interiors. One that is increasingly preferred is the use of wooden floors. Because this one material makes the house seem more comfortable and attractive.

Sweeping the floor cleanly

Just like the floor made of ceramic, wood floors must also be swept every day. Because sweeping wooden floors is important to get rid of large amounts of dirt. You should use a broom or a plastic broom with a smooth texture so it is not prone to cause scratches on the surface of the wood.

In addition to sweeping, mopping the wooden floor is equally important. Because a wet mop must be effective at removing dust and dirt from the wood surface. However, you must squeeze the mop properly before you start to mop the wooden floor.

Wood materials for floors are indeed sensitive to excessive water content. If exposed to a lot of water for a long time, the wooden floor will swell and the adhesive material can be easily released. Even worse, the water content also makes the wooden floor become brittle and moldy.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Materials

You can use a scented floor cleaning fluid to clean the wood floor thoroughly. However, you should be more careful about choosing other cleaning products because the texture of wood floors is very susceptible to certain chemicals.  This is so the texture and color of the wooden floor remains as natural as when newly installed.

Clean Wood Floors with a Vacuum Cleaner

Do not neglect the benefits of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning wooden floors. Parts between wooden floors are usually prone to become nests of dust and dirt.

It would be better if you clean it with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. Make sure that the wooden floor is thoroughly cleaned and does not leave any dirt. Clean wood floors will maintain quality for years.

Sharp objects certainly make the wooden floor vulnerable to scratches.

Polish the floor with special lubricant products

Today there are special lubricant products that can maximize the natural luster of wood floors. You can use the product every few months to restore the natural color of wood floors. Read the product usage instructions carefully before using it. Usually you have to prepare a long time lag when using these lubricant products so that the wooden floor is clean and comfortable to step on.

Use Vinegar Solution to Remove Stains

You must use a solution with a mixture of vinegar to clean it optimally. Mix 60 ml of vinegar in a liter of water. Next, start mopping the wooden floor with the vinegar solution.

Don’t forget to do the second mop process with clean water to remove the remnants of vinegar on the surface of the wooden floor. This simple method proved effective in removing stubborn dirt in the form of soil or mud.

Do not hesitate to choose wood flooring material to beautify the interior of your home. If you already know the right way to clean wood floors, of course you can do it easily.

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