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7 Ideas of Reading Room Design Right for Relaxing

The existence of a lounge in the house can be realized for a variety of uses. One of them is to function as a comfortable reading room and gives the impression of being relaxed when in it. To get the right atmosphere, Rooang gives you a guide on how to create a relaxed reading room design idea that’s right for a bookworm!

There are several practical ways to make a corner of the reading room in the family room.

So that this long hallway becomes a useful spot in the house, you can use it as a reading room!

And to be more beautiful, add patterned carpet.

Because of its isolated location makes this reading room a quite hidden and comfortable place, and you can concentrate on understanding the book you are reading.

Yep, the place of interest is the reading room. Designing a reading room in the attic, it could even be a place of maximum relaxation, friend. The problem is that the attic area on the top floor and is hidden, becomes an advantage for Rooang’s friends who want to relax while reading a book calmly.

So they create a reading room that integrates with the workspace, so as to save mobility and efficiency time.

Create a window nook in the bedroom
This window nook design style is usually always applied to the bedroom.

Ideas for reading room design near a window
Aspects to consider in the ideal reading room design idea are lighting and air exchange aspects. So designing one corner of the reading room near this window is a favorite of most nerds!

Natural light and air from the outside that passes through the ventilation gap makes the atmosphere of the reading room become cooler and calming. To get maximum comfort, putting a unique armchair and standing lamp will increasingly make you comfortable reading and relaxing in this reading corner.

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