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7 Tips for Decorating Work Space at Home

7 Tips for Decorating Work Space at Home

The emergence of the Corona pandemic has forced many companies to implement work from home policies, including in Indonesia. For those of you who are living it, of course requires adjustments so you can stay productive and comfortable while working from home. Nothing wrong you know to start creating and decorating a personal workspace at home.

Many advantages when you have a personal workspace, such as decorating a workspace design that fits the style and is as conducive as possible for work comfort. A comfortable atmosphere will bring new enthusiasm and fresh ideas while you are at home. Come on, see tips for decorating the following workspace.

No need a large location, take advantage of the available space

The most important thing in creating a workspace is of course location. The best way to choose a location is to adapt it to personal needs. However, you do not have to create a special room for work space. There is plenty of space that you can turn into a comfortable workspace. No need for excessive decoration, just put the chair and table and laptop on it. You can use it immediately.

Enter the outside view into the room

Did you know that bright enough lighting at work will help increase your concentration power and help you focus more? For that, make sure the workspace get bright light from natural light for the highest productivity. You can place the work desk as well as the computer table facing the window. To reduce sun exposure, use curtains or blinds to make the workspace more comfortable. In addition, pay attention to the choice of paint color because it will affect productivity.

Make it comfortable with the carpet

Workspace at home should be far from stiff. For that, you have to decorate the workspace as comfortable as possible. A comfortable and warm work space can indirectly increase your productivity while working at home. One way is to add a carpet made from fine feathers on the floor or seat cushions with furry sheaths. Also add a few pillows or small pillows on the floor to add comfort.

Complete with stylish storage

Shelves and storage baskets are very important for dealing with cluttered workspaces. Not only for storing objects in large quantities, the rack is also able to fill the void in the vertical area of ​​the room. At present, there are also many storage places that are unique and stylish. Starting from wooden stairs that can be used as shelves for storing books, rattan baskets, jars for storing stationery, and so on.

Use a current memo board

Have a lot of to-do lists? So that nothing is missed of course you have to paste it somewhere so it is easily visible. Bulletin boards can serve as a place to attach to-do lists, memos, notes, or even other decorations such as photos, postcards, small paintings, and so on. Not only can you support your work activities, a bulletin board with a contemporary design can also be a decoration for your workspace. Cool, right?

Add decoration of small plants on the table

Installing greenery can help the room feel fresher and cooler. In addition, the presence of plants in the workspace can also make you more focused, you know. If you do not want to place plants that are too large because they do not have enough space, you can try installing small plants on the table such as terrarium or succulent. Although small, the effect of this plant remains the same, that is refreshing and reducing stress.

Install a refreshing fragrance

Besides plants, there are also other ways that you can make your work atmosphere fresher and your mind more focused. The trick is to install air freshener or aromatherapy with your favorite fragrance. You can install a scented candle, diffuser, or other fragrance to make the room more comfortable and fresh. Fragrances can also have a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

Are you ready to decorate the workspace at home by following the interior tips above? Guaranteed that your activities at home can be more fun and fresh ideas will be easier to arrive.

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