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7 Tips to Make Your Small House Clean and Comfortable!

7 Tips to Make Your Small House Clean and Comfortable!

Having a house that is small in size will make you have to hone the ability to divide the function of space as best you can. Especially if you have a lot of needs, so you need a lot of furniture or furniture. In addition to furniture layout, color selection also has a very big influence.

Then, how about the right tips so that your little bus house always looks neat and comfortable? Come on, see the explanation below.

1. Choose Furniture as Needed

You have to prioritize what furniture is really needed in order to use space more effectively. You can choose furniture that is multifunctional like a bed that has a cupboard underneath.

2. Organize All Wisely

In addition, you can put a small cupboard as a TV base, so you can use it to store things.

If you really have to provide a barrier between rooms, you can use a small cupboard. Besides being able to function as a barrier, you can also put various items in it!

4. Store Goods in their Places

Besides making it look neat, this habit will make it easier for you to look for small items such as scissors or keys.

5. Use Bright Wall Paint Colors

You can adjust the color of wall paint with the feel of furniture in the room.

6. Routinely Cleaning the House

This is the key to keeping your little house clean and comfortable. Sweep and mop every morning so the atmosphere feels fresh. Do not forget to change the sheets and pillowcases every week so that dust does not accumulate.

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