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7 Ways to Clean Your Big House Like a Pro Housekeeper

Usually this desire is based on various reasons, such as the number of family members, improving the quality of life, and others.

But one thing to note when having a home is the cost of care. Because whatever the size, the house will be comfortable to live if cared for properly and properly.

Weve indeed have a big house synonymous with a large maintenance budget as well.

Other factors that also influence the environment and location of the house. Small houses can also make you stress if you are in a flood-prone environment, for example.

1. Make a schedule of cleaning the house regularly

To effectively care for your home, you should have a regular cleaning schedule. Take a day at least once every 6 months to clean the house thoroughly, including the garage and warehouse.

To keep the house neat and clean every day, frequently clean the furniture of the house.

2. Air circulation around your house

3. Deal with any minor damage immediately

Never underestimate any damage.

4. Avoid hazardous chemicals

One organic compound that needs to be watched out for is VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This compound is volatile and blends with the air you breathe.

5. Perform periodic repainting

We recommend that you do the painting on the condition of the dry wall in the morning or evening when the sun is not too bright. This can make the paint crack and peel easily.

6. Prevent door and window sills from termites

Behind all the advantages of wood as an element of the interior of the house, wood-based materials such as door frames or windows can be easy targets for termites.

To overcome this in a cheap but effective way, you can spray termite liquid on the surface of the frame or sprinkle chalk around the frame.

You can also make your own termite solution by mixing oil and diesel in a ratio of 3 to 1.

7. Get rid of all unneeded items

Big house is identical with many houses. The amount of space available unconsciously makes us feel legitimate ‘fill it’ with various items.

The more items or furniture in the house, the longer and harder to clean.

Home maintenance is carried out consistently although step by step better than overall but

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