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8 Simple yet Elegant Bathroom Design Inspirations

CASA Indonesia provides 8 inspiring simple bathroom designs but still look elegant. Indeed, simple words are relative, depending on the perception of each person.

The simple design of all 8 bathroom designs uses minimal motif material, dominated by white color, and is suitable for all home design styles. Minimalist bathroom with views of the small garden
Bathing activity is a good time to relax and the presence of a small garden can improve the atmosphere. Use a large window as a divider between the bathroom and garden. To get privacy, make sure the outside garden walls have a minimum height of 2.5-3 meters.

Elegant 3D textured wall tiles
If the bathroom in your house is small, maximize lighting by adding skylights to the ceiling. Apply a blend of white tiles, natural stone walls, and light brown wood to brighten the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Clean and spacious impression can also be created by the use of white color with a touch of black lines and soft cream-colored wood finishing in the bathroom interior.

Unique sink design and be like a work of art
Wood and stones are the right elements to make your bathroom look natural. You can play with a variety of rock and wood textures. As a sink surface, stone material that has minimal pores tends to be easier to clean. But avoid using high pH soap when cleaning the sink so as not to damage the stone surface.

As an accent, you can also use a circular wall mirror for a chic impression.Simple but memorable wall accents
Black and white bathroom with a little touch of gold and a different masculine feel to the bathroom look. Installation of large windows in the bathroom not only helps the sunlight in, presents a sensation of relaxation when cleaning yourself.Modern Japanese style bathroom design
Ofuro is a traditional Japanese bathtub that uses wood materials. . Ofuro you can also mix and match with more modern elements, such as shower devices, or exposed walls for a natural impression.

Ornamental plants as decoration that makes the bathroom feel fresh and elegant
Adding ornamental plants in the bathroom can help keep the air moist and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Shades of green in a relaxing bathroom
Tosca colors are known as colors that can provide a sense of calm and relaxation. So as not to be boring, you can arrange zigzag ceramics with motifs and combine them with other colors on the other side of the wall.

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