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8 Tips for Cleaning Post-Flood House Furniture

So this is the right time for flood victims to start the recovery process.

The reason is, there are some important things that must be done after being flooded to ensure the safety of the house and prevent further damage to the house and its contents. Steps to clean home furniture after being flooded according to its type

Next, do the steps to clean the furniture according to the following types.

However, if the item is not flooded, you can still clean the furniture in the following way:

Clean the wooden frame using the solution.
Dry the wooden frame in a place that has good air circulation. Remember, do not dry it in direct sunlight.
Since mold will probably grow on a wooden frame during the drying process, clean it periodically with the cleaning liquid you have.

You may clean a mattress that is affected by flooding if only part of its surface is submerged in water.

Clean the surface of the mattress that was flooded using clean water.  You can also use a fan to help dry the mattress faster.

However, mattresses that have been submerged in water for dozens of hours should be replaced with new ones.

Clean the surface of the pillow and roll it from dirt or mud.
Wash the pillows and bolsters in the washing machine using warm water and detergents that contain enzymes.

Cleaning this furniture may require special care.
Then, wash the second time using hot water and cleaning solution so that the cleaning process is optimal.

For this type of blanket made from wool, the following steps to clean should be done

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