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9 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

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8 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

How to Make a Fragrant House by Placing Plants in the House

In addition to giving a beautiful impression to the room, plants can give off a fragrance to your home.

You can place various types of plants, such as flowers:

Arabian Jasmine
Cuba Oregano.
Placing fragrant flowers in the house can help the room smell more pleasant.

Use Pandan Leaves

Your house is included that is often visited by mosquitoes and insects?

Use the aroma of pandan leaves to drive them away.

Then, you can put the bowl on the toilet, shelf, or in the corner of the room.

Fragrant pandan leaves can last for three days to one week.

Routinely Cleaning Items Around

Provide one day a week to clean up the items in your house.

You will avoid bad odors and dust.

Pet bed

Leftovers in the fridge

Carpet that is rarely cleaned

Damp laundry

There are still many other factors that can be the cause of the odor in your house.

Take advantage of coffee beans for the coffee lover

It has long been used by many people to eliminate all kinds of unpleasant odors.

Well, so that the air in your house is fresh again you can use coffee, you know!

If you only have the beans, that won’t be a problem.

Place the coffee beans in a small bowl then place them in each corner of the room so the smell can spread.

Coffee beans make the room comfortable and have an elegant impression.

In addition, you can also buy candles with coffee aroma on the market.

A softer fragrance can make you more relaxed at home.

Citrus & Apple Stew

You can also use fruit as an air freshener, you know!

This time we make use of oranges and apples.

Then, dry in the sun to dry.

The thinner the fruit pieces can make the drying process faster.

Put it in the pan, add clove and 3 cinnamon seeds and boil it.

After boiling, put water and ingredients into the jar.

Vanilla and Cinnamon

The next way to make a fragrant house is to use cinnamon and vanilla.

This scent blend is very delicate and has a long-lasting scent.

Also make sure the jar you use is heat-resistant.

After everything is mixed, put it in a jar.

You can also add dried apples.

Your room has a soothing aroma.

Bake the Cake

Who is not tempted by the aroma of cake fragrances?

If you like the aroma of cake, bake cinnamon rolls or banana bread.

The aroma makes you drool, deh!

Herbs and spices

Take advantage of your kitchen ingredients.

Boil water in a medium-sized saucepan.

Then, add a few pieces of orange or lemon.

Also add spices such as mint leaves and lavender flowers.

Provide a heat-resistant glass jar and add the processed spice water to it.

This method is effective for removing odors because hot steam absorbs unpleasant odors in the house.

How to Make a Fragrant House by Maintaining Air Circulation

A fresh home must have good and sufficient air circulation.

When in the morning and evening, open the window and door so that air can change and provide positive energy into the house.

Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets are usually found in washing machines or cabinets.

This drying paper is able to keep clothes fragrant and keep the air fresh.

It is better to install dryer sheets in the laundry room.

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