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9 Tips on Choosing Artwork to Make Your Home Look More Attractive

9 Tips on Choosing Artwork to Make Your Home Look More Attractive

When you want to decorate a house and choose artwork, you are bound to face choices that are sometimes difficult and confusing. In fact, sometimes we can spend a long time just to choose one artwork.

Sometimes things that appear when buying artwork are confused about what type to buy. Do you want a painting or a sculpture?

Buy art that you like

There are several types of artwork to choose from such as paintings and sculptures. Between the two, there must be one that approaches our desires. But if the budget really allows, it never hurts to choose both. Artwork should be something that can be enjoyed every day, and can make us feel happy when I see it.

When talking about painting, there are 12 streams ranging from classical, fauvism, futurism, dadaism, cubism, abstractionism, expressionism, impressionism, realism, romanticism, surrealism, naturalism. As for sculptures there are also several types such as religious sculptures, architectural sculptures, monument sculptures, decoration sculptures, art sculptures, handicraft sculptures. Now, from these types, we can choose which one will be purchased and placed in the house.

In fine arts, there are terms 2D and 3D.  For example painting, graphic arts. 3D art is a work of art that has dimensions of length, width and height or works that have volume and occupy space. For example, sculpture, craft art, ceramic art, architectural art and various product designs

Because the painting can add a comfortable, interesting impression emitted from various types of colors in it. As for the sculpture, it will add a deep impression in one room.

Well, the decision is yours we want to choose a painting or sculpture for home decoration.

Like many cafes in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and other cities, the walls are always decorated with a variety of paintings and artwork that are funny, unique and interesting. Wonder where the heck did they find such art?

Well, try it once in a while we browse the art market or art gallery, usually there are artists who sell works of art in limited quantities (limited edition).

Choose the Size That Appropriate with the Room

To determine the size of the artwork in accordance with the room is one of the tasks that are said to be difficult or difficult. So our eyes must be observant to see which room will be filled with artwork.

Location of Focus Points

One room can have one or more areas that will attract attention. Will the artwork be placed just one on the wall of the room or mix and match some artwork of various sizes to make it look attractive and unique?  Because it will greatly affect our comfort.

Color Is the Key

Choose artwork whose color matches the walls of the room and the furniture around it.

One painting with matching colors or a combination of can work great as well!

Choosing colors also requires the right feeling and compatibility so that it can build a more interesting atmosphere. No problem if choosing artwork that has a variety of colors, it’s just that we have to be observant to combine with the surroundings. Too many colors usually make ‘eyes hurt’.

Content Matters

What do we want from one piece of art? Does that reflect our personality, the theme of the painting that fits the room or the painting balances with other elements in the house?

He doesn’t know what it’s called, it’s just that when he sees this work called WHIMSY from Joe Hida, he feels in love, feels ‘click’. He likes simple things, as can be ‘translated’ by this work too.

Consider the weight of the work in choosing nails. Nails have many types, so be sure to choose nails that are sturdy and not too big but can hold the weight of the artwork. If the artwork is a bit heavy, it can be tricked by using two nails. We can also use standard tips that are often used by art galleries, namely the middle of the painting is 150 cm from the floor.

Customize the contents of the wallet

Choosing artwork, in addition to the points above, this one plays an important role.

The work of art has value, because it is the product of the creativity of the artist. The price of each work also varies, we just look for one that suits the budget. Buying artwork does cost money, but don’t interfere with family finances or main savings.

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