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A New Atmosphere with a Simple Design

A New Atmosphere with a Simple Design


If you feel the room is less attractive with plain white / beige walls, consider decorating your plain wall using a wall sticker. Develop your imagination to present interesting images that you want to display on the wall. Can be in the kitchen, family room, children’s room and bedroom.

Accessories with Strong Colors

Another thing you can do is provide additional accessories such as pillowcases, curtains, blankets, carpets, or floral decorations. To be able to provide different and bright color accents, use colors that are strong and eye-catching like blue, red, green, yellow, or other color combinations. No need to get bored with white walls, this can actually be your advantage in decorating the house.


Artwork is a great choice for decorating your plain walls. Besides functioning to add color and liven up the atmosphere of the room, artwork can also express yourself. Choose artwork with a large size to fill a wide blank wall, and of course choose the painting or photo that you like.

Sticky Wall Shelves

Using a bookshelf attached to the wall can change the look of the room instantly. It not only changes appearance, but also provides additional storage space. You can use it to store things and if you want to add other color accents in the room, arrange glass, candles or your artwork on this shelf.

Plants in the House

In addition to adding decorations and accessories, you can also consider using ornamental plants in the house. Fresh flowers with bright colors can also provide another touch in the room. Choose plants that are suitable to grow in the house or you can use artificial ornamental plants so you don’t have to bother to care for them.

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