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Accent in the Living Room

Often to make a residential interior look beautiful, we apply various accents to the decoration of the living room. Starting from the accent of the wall, light, color or various other decorating accents.

Find all the answers, in the following interesting explanation!

The point of accent in the living room is to create a focal point
One factor that makes the interior of the house look more attractive and beautiful is, because of the focal point in a room.

So the point of accent in the space, to become a focal point that can make all eyes fixed and capture the entire attention of the decoration and interior design themes of the living room. With the right accent, the accent can be a charming focal point of a room.

You don’t have to repaint the walls, you can use accents such as wallpaper, photo frames or paintings to cover up the shortage.

So in addition to the decoration function, the use of accents in the living room can also be used as a useful design solution.

So this is what makes an accent in the living room becomes very important existence!

Like the look of the console table above, which has a unique style to be an accent in a living room that appears plain.

Presents artistic impression in the room
The use of accents in the living room is also intended to bring an artistic impression in the room, friend! Especially with the presence of objects such as paintings, handicrafts, mural works, and various other works of art.

So there is no harm in you know, accents of decoration from the craft are displayed like making a private gallery in the living room.

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