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Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Furniture  

Furniture is one of the important elements that is influential in interior design. But talking about custom furniture, about what are the advantages and disadvantages?

So by knowing what are the advantages and disadvantages, friends can be more confident in choosing furniture that will be used to complement the interior. So you know better, see what are the advantages and disadvantages!

The Advantages of Custom Furniture That …
So you can make sure you get the product that you want, both from its design, shape, size, color and type of material.
Because it is made based on the wishes of your friend, so you can have more freedom of expression in determining the design.

So do not rule out the possibility of custom furniture designs that you ordered will look unique and have characteristics compared to products that have been sold. Even custom furniture contractors such as Woodpecker Design Studio also provide furniture design consulting services. So the best furniture according to your wishes is easier to realize.

Easily adapted to the theme or style of interior decoration applied.

Especially in Woodpecker Design Studio, you can also help to arrange the room.

Not only makes the room look more beautiful, but also more efficient with the presence of custom furniture.

If you have a cafe business, custom furniture will be more suitable and easily adapted to your needs. Woodpecker Design Studio itself as a custom furniture specialist, has been trusted by many places to make their ordered furniture you know!

It’s different from buying a finished product and you can get it right away, using custom furniture. Though usually the price offered is in accordance with the desired furniture. 

But if you worry about getting a price that is too expensive, Woodpecker Design Studio always offers reasonable prices. Even if you feel unsuitable for the price offered, you can negotiate to get the best price. So no need to worry about getting too expensive, right? Friend must be very clever to choose custom furniture specialists who have proven to be good results of the process.

For example like Woodpecker Design Studio which always uses the highest quality materials in making its furniture products such as teak, mindi wood and various other solid woods. Manufacturing standards are well maintained so that the results of the product not only look beautiful, but also strong and durable.

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