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Application of Granite and Marble

The application of marble and granite always gives the impression of luxury in home decor.

Although usually most often applied to floors and walls, inspiration for the application of granite and marble can also be more diverse and applied to various objects, you know.

More variety and makes the house look more luxurious.

Inspiration of the Application of Granite and Marble in Objects in the Bathroom

The idea of ​​applying marble and granite as decoration accents can also be applied to bathroom areas.

The choice of light-colored marble or granite materials, can make the bathroom seem more clean and elegant.

Application of marble and granite in the bathroom, not only can be applied to walls and floors but can also be applied to bathroom elements such as the sink.

Be sure to use the highest quality marble products that you can get from MM Gallery.

With a good workmanship process, the product seems neat, smooth and beautiful.

The use of a sink with natural stone material too, can make the bathroom seem more luxurious, elegant and unique.

For decoration in the living room The living room is one of the most important parts of the house that requires special attention in terms of decoration so that the living room looks more charming.

With a variety of decorating ideas, Buddy  can also apply marble as decoration in the living room.

Marble material that is durable and strong, can also be used as an accent in the decoration of objects in the form of objects.

Not only looks sturdy and strong, the decoration object also has an elegant and luxurious impression.

The existence of these marble objects will make your interior more beautiful, right?

As Accent Lighting In Interior Decoration For a room, lighting and decoration play a very important role.

So that the beauty of the room looks more stand out, Buddy  can apply lighting accents to the interior decoration with onyx material.

The application of onyx material for interior decoration not only makes the room look beautiful, but also unique, luxurious and elegant.

MM Galleri makes this product with a thickness of onyx material that is not too thick and thin, so that it can emit light with good light, giving an exotic impression to the beauty of the room.

For Decoration in the Kitchen Area Application of marble or granite in the house can indeed be applied to every room.

The material is strong, durable and heat resistant so it is suitable for the kitchen area.

The impression of a luxurious, elegant and beautiful kitchen can be realized easily.

For the sake of getting the highest quality products, be sure to get the products from MM Gallery!

Another advantage of applying marble material to the countertop is that the material is easy to clean, so that makes Buddy  no trouble keeping kitchen clean and makes the countertop area always look clean.

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