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Arranging Apartment Room with Japanese Design

Its size is not too small and spacious making a one-bedroom apartment is a living space that is right for you who are single or newly married. For design arrangement, you can use Japandi design.

Wabi-sabi symbolize the beauty that arises from imperfections, while lagom is a balance of what we do in life.

If you are interested, follow five ways from Dekoruma to make your one-bedroom apartment with Japandi design!

Indeed, white is the color that defines Japandi. The remaining 40 percent are other colors that accent and harmonize the white so it is not monotonous.

Love accent colors and attractive motifs
Still about the color palette in Japandi’s design, 40 percent for colors other than white were used for other colors that are more contrasting and so accent in the apartment like pastel colors and earthy tone colors. In addition to color, you can also use simple motifs such as lines or polka-dots on items such as sofa wrapping cloths, sofa cushions, sheets, or curtains. In this one apartment, gray is the main accent used in the bedroom and kitchen of the apartment.

Natural elements that make you relax
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For maximum design balance, Japandi is also synonymous with the use of wood material that makes the apartment feel natural and warm. Commonly used wood is light colored with natural fibers that make the apartment look elegant. Natural impression is also increasingly visible by placing several plants in the room in the corners of the apartment room for a fresh feel.

Anti-cramped and cluttered with essential furniture
Not only aesthetic matters, other aspects such as space-saving are also important to apply in a one-bedroom apartment with limited space.

The furniture used is not too much and makes the apartment not crowded. In fact, the room will feel more spacious than it really is.

Multifunctional furniture that is very practical
Still about space-saving, furniture that is versatile and has more than one function is also a characteristic of Japandi.

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