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Artwork has Many Categories (fun and dimension)

Artwork Based on the Theme

As in the first article describing artwork. Artwork has many categories. Aside from being divided in fun and dimension, artwork can also be categorized by the theme. There are various themes for 2-dimensional artwork:


Artwork with a photography theme uses a camera to capture an image and immortalize it into a work of art.


Illustration is a work of art that appears in accordance with the imagination of each artist combined with the sophistication of existing technology. An example is the work of Monica Hapsari, UNTITLED 12.


This type of graphic artwork is a work of art that uses computers. Various kinds of works of art that already exist, for example photographic works of art edited in such a way as to produce a work that is unique and full of imagination. An example is Ryan Ibee’s Dots:


Drawing art is a work of art with drawing techniques, it can be using manual or computer drawings.

For art works using mix media techniques, this is a work of art that combines several techniques in it. Photography can then be given an accent such as 3 dimensions by cutting other works and sticking on it.


Painting is a work of art which means to use paintings. Painting is one of the most famous works of art in Indonesia. So many artists and enthusiasts of paintings exist. The price is also very varied in Indonesia, ranging from roadside artists to world-class artists in Indonesia.

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