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Beautiful Home Interior Inspiration with Basic Colors

Beautiful Home Interior Inspiration with Basic Colors
The choice of the color of the paint inside the house is indeed one of the important elements when you want to design the house. There are so many factors that need to be considered to turn on the colors in the house, such as the design and concept of the house as a whole, the impression you want highlighted, the mood or atmosphere you want to be formed, to the lighting techniques.

Therefore, so that you do not regret or have the trouble of repainting because you are not satisfied, the following Kania will inspire a charming home room with a base or primary color that you can emulate. Curious as to what? Come on, just take a peek below!

Yellow Basic Color that Brings Excitement

The basic color of yellow is identical to the bright sun and brings warmth in the room. This basic color can also give the impression of happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism in the room. In addition, this yellow base color can also give wide effect to a room, you know!

You can apply this bright basic color paint in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Thanks to its ability to give the illusion of a more spacious room, a room that uses this basic color will not feel crowded or stuffy.

dining room with basic color paint application

If you are afraid that the yellow base color is too flashy, you can combine it with a matching color, such as green, brown, or white to give a natural shade that is shady and comfortable. The supporting colors you can present through ornamental plants, wooden dining tables, lamp shades, or furry carpets.

Elegant and Soothing Blue Base Color

The basic color of blue is very identical with a calm and elegant impression. This basic color is believed to be able to reduce emotions and turmoil so as to make the mind more peaceful.

Usually, the basic blue color is widely applied to the bedroom. This is because the basic color of blue is able to create a comfortable feel so you can rest and sleep more soundly, both during the day or night.

In addition, this basic color is also suitable to be combined with natural colors. Rattan chairs, nightstand, floor lamps, to the brown headboard in this bedroom make the room not seem monotonous.

If you don’t like the natural color, you can replace it with other bright colors, such as salmon, pink, or yellow. You can present bright colors on the bed linen, pillows, rugs or wall hangings.

Basic Red Color Full of Energy

This red base color is perfect for those of you who want to liven up an atmosphere full of energy in the house. To make the basic colors in the interior of the terean home more dynamic, you can mix them with other colors, like dark green on the sofa.

dining room ideas with the red base color

This basic red color is believed to be very suitable to be applied to a room that is often used as a gathering place because it can effectively increase the occurrence of conversations between people who are there. Therefore, the basic red color is widely applied to the living room, dining room, or family room.

Mix of Basic Colors Blue and Yellow

Green is not a basic color, but green is a mixture of basic colors blue and yellow. Well, for those of you who don’t like basic colors, just try to apply paint from a mixture of basic colors, like this one inspiration.

The green color in the room has a natural and refreshing impression. In addition, the combination of the basic colors of blue and yellow is also able to create an atmosphere of harmony and calm atmosphere. Thus, your home always looks charming and pleasant.

Do not hesitate to apply green in the bedroom. You can also combine this basic color mix with functional furniture or other color bedroom decor accents, such as white to give the impression of minimalism or chocolate for a warmer impression.

Mixed Red and Yellow Basic Colors

Besides green, there is also orange which is a mixture of red and yellow basic colors. Although the orange color is rarely used because it seems too striking, but this color can give the impression of its own charming if you are right in applying it. The combination of red and yellow basic colors can bring a bright and youthful feel that makes the house more alive.

This compact orange color is suitable to be applied in the family room, dining room, or kitchen. The family room and dining room are a place to gather so it is very suitable to be given a touch of orange that can create warmth.

Meanwhile, the impression of enthusiasm and cheerfulness that is presented by a mixture of basic colors of red and yellow can also make you more excited when cooking. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting techniques in your room too!

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Canopy Roof Type That Can Make The Exterior of The House More Beautiful

Get to know the types on the market, let’s go!

Canopies are part of the structure of the building that serves as an additional roof to protect from heat and rain.

Its presence can add to the function of the room, for example for the garage, play area, warehouse and even the kitchen.

In addition, the canopy can also add aesthetic value to the occupancy.

The canopy frame must be strong and sturdy to support the roof, not easily weathered and rusty.

Roof Canopy Type
After knowing the parts in the canopy, the next is to know what types of canopies that exist today.

Polycarbonate materials have a variety of colors, models and designs.

You can choose the color and shape that you like and according to your needs.

Various types of polycarbonate that can be found on the market, including:

Lexan Carboron
GE, Molydex
Cladian Plast
The advantages of polycarbonate roofing types are:
Strong, sturdy and lightweight.
Spandek / Zyncalum Canopy Roof Type
type of canopy roof

This type of material is stronger and more durable when compared to polycarbonate roofs.

Has an elegant design.
The material is strong and clear as glass.
Able to reduce heat without reducing the incoming light.
Natural lighting, electricity and energy savings.
Environmentally friendly.
Easy installation and fabrication.
Onduline Canopy Roof
Onduline canopy roof absorbs noise from rain so it can create a sense of comfort in the environment underneath.

Has superior high quality plastic strength.
Excellent level of flexibility and endurance.
Can be the best choice for use with lightweight steel canopy frames.
The material is lightweight and flexible.
Environmentally friendly.
Easy to apply.
Economical price.

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The Latest Canopy Design and Model Hits

Protect your home with this 2020 canopy design and model. Not just shady, your house will look more stylish!

Not only used as a protective car and porch, the canopy also serves as a home exterior decoration.

Let’s look at the design and model of the most trending canopy this year!

Design inspiration for the Canopy Hits Model 2020
Minimalist Glass Canopy
canopy model
Starting with the minimalist glass canopy model, the exterior protective design of this house is on the rise.

The popularity of glass canopies has increased due to the large number of cluster housing developments using minimalist designs.

You can choose various types of glass, ranging from clear kace, ice, to color!

For a minimalist look, choose clear glass or frosted glass, but if you want a more eccentric result …
… the type of glass mosaic can lift the design outside the house to be more colorful!

Golden Brown Wood Canopy
canopy model
Want a house that looks modern but is also friendly and warm?

This one canopy design can not only be placed in front of the house, but also the backyard, especially the barbecue area and gathering together.

Not only that, the canopy of the katu proved to be more durable compared to the canopy made from other materials.

This is because wood is not an easy material to expand or shrink so it is certainly more durable.

This canopy design is suitable for minimalist industrial homes that rely on the use of steel and dark colors.

Wood Canopies & Vines
canopy model
Besides bajametal, other materials that can create a beautiful atmosphere at home are vines.
Creating a green area on the exterior of the house always brings out a natural feel without removing the berikunta canopy design.

Asbestos is the most popular material and has often been installed in many homes because of its low price and practical installation.

Although sometimes it can make heat, be sure to install two layers of asbestos as a canopy so that the house feels cooler.

Minimalist Canopy Model Tent

But it also makes the shelter look more elegant and luxurious.

So minimalist residents do not need to worry!

Model of Beach Canopy Made of Wire

Minimalist canopy with a touch of shades of this beach has a simple design but still stylish.

Natural stone canopies need pillars and houses big enough to support them.

Inspired by this canopy design but has a house that is not too big .

Building several pillars to support natural stone material is a highly recommended solution.

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Ornamental Plants that Cook the Home of the Fortune Carrier

Arranging a house can be done in many ways, one of them by decorating it using ornamental plants in front of the house.

In addition to the inside of the house, there are still many people who forget how important it is to organize the outside of the house.

For this reason, it is very important to arrange this area with a variety of decorations, one of which is the ornamental plants in front of the house.

Immediately listened to the review of it!

Ornamental Plants in front of Hockey Bearer Houses
Elephant Ear Leaves
ornamental plants in front of the house

Plants that are also known as anthurium crystallium are well known among the lovers of ornamental plants.

If planted in a garden area or yard, elephant ear is said to bring fortune and abundant material wealth.

Paper Flower Plant (Bougainvillea)
ornamental plants in front of the house
This one plant can grow as high as 10 meters if planted in a tropical yard, you know.

Besides having a charming appearance, this plant can also bring shade in the front yard of the house.

Moreover, planting these plants is said to make the family always lasting and full of love.

ornamental plants in front of the house

Roses are known as flowers that are synonymous with symbols of affection and a symbol of romance.

Investigate a calibaration, this one flower can give you abundant fortune if planted in the yard.

Not only sustenance that is material, you will also be blessed with happiness and luck in life.

From the name alone you would have thought that this plant must have something to do with luck.

Like Lou Han’s fish, the clearer the color of the leaves, the more luck you will get!

Just beautify with lotus flowers!

Surely, you already know how beautiful lotus flowers are when they bloom?

In addition to beautifying the pond, this flower is also believed to be able to bring prosperity, happiness, and a harmonious atmosphere in domestic life.

Besides being believed to bring good luck because it has a positive aura, this plant can also make the house more fragrant and spread positive energy to guests.

Money Tree or Pachira
ornamental plants in front of the house

You only need to water regularly, like treating cactus and succulents.

So that the house was visited by luck, you can save this plant in the yard or corner of a room.

Jade is a type of succulent plant that is believed to have positive energy related to the wealth and welfare of its owner.

If kept stored in the yard of the house, this plant seems to welcome success for its owner.

Orchid is commonly associated as a plant that symbolizes love.

luck in romance
peace of mind for those who see it
strengthen relationships between family members.
Besides being known in Feng Shui, ancient traditions from Greece also believe that orchids have something to do with fertility.

In other words, this plant is very suitable for newly married couples.

In-law Tongue
ornamental plants in front of the house

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Minimalist Fish Pond Design With A Beautiful Garden

For fish lovers, there is nothing more relaxing than seeing this one animal swimming around in a favorite fish pond. The fish that live in the back ponds of the house must definitely have a livable “house” that is visually good for garden design too. Minimalist fish pond is the best design that can be chosen to “dress up” a fish pond to make it look more aesthetic.

To make it happen, of course it takes some inspiration that can trigger the imagination to design the best minimalist pool.

Minimalist fish pond design that can give a reference.

Interested to see it?

Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration at Home
Minimalist Swimming Garden as a Liaison House
minimalist fish pond

Using a fish pond as access to the back garden is a very brilliant idea.

However, be careful not to splash when you enter at night, Friend.

Calm Your Mind with Natural Accents Around You
minimalist fish pond

This fish pond design is very integrated with the surrounding park.

Minimalist Fish Pond with “Waterfall”
minimalist fish pond

If you are bored with modern minimalist pools that are just like that, adding a “waterfall” can be an interesting solution.

In addition to beautifying the back garden as a whole, this minimalist pool waterfall also serves to maintain cleanliness in it.

Tetris Block in the Back Garden
minimalist fish pond

This unique pool shape will remind you of one of the blocks in the Tetrtis game that you often played as a child.

In addition, the minimalist design offered by this pool will give a modern look to the garden behind the house.

Zen at Wabi House
minimalist fish pond

Designed by Sebastian Mariscal asritek, Wabi House in Southern Californian creates a calming element in the house by making koi ponds between the walls of Shou Sugi Ban.

“Tiered” Pool for Maximum Visual Experience
minimalist fish pond

If you like a pool with a unique design, it never hurts to try this one design.

separate ponds whose water moves from one pond to another certainly offers an experience of enjoying a different fish pond.

Back to nature
minimalist fish pond

Fish pond with natural design like the picture above can actually make the garden feel more natural.

If you want natural elements behind the house, you can choose the design of this pond.

Concrete Pool that Calms the Heart
minimalist fish pond

Who would have thought that a simple pond in the middle of the park could complement the park perfectly?

Minimalist Fish Pond for Koi Equipped with Foothold
minimalist fish pond

This minimalist fish pond design does look soothing.

The combination of plants and lights will make you want to linger over the little paradise behind this house.

Simple Design that Looks Smart
minimalist fish pond

This L-shaped pond does indeed seem very simple.

However, this pool model can bring up the modern side of a house.

Fish Ponds as a Complementary Back Garden
minimalist fish pond

This minimalist fish pond is just a small part of the whole beautiful garden behind the house.

However, the existence of this pool can be a differentiator to bring balance in the park.

Luxurious Minimalist Fish Pond
The proof, this simple pool design can compensate for the luxurious look of this minimalist house.

Welcoming Guests in a Different Way
Not only behind the house, you can also bring a fish pond in the front of the house.

The minimalist fish pond model in front of this one house will surely impress the first guests.

Take the Lounge to the Next Level
Relax is no longer the same if you successfully apply this one inspiration.

Minimalist Fish Pond in the House with a Simple “Garden” Design
Bored with the design of fish ponds in the back garden?

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Exciting Ideas for Utilizing a Garden Backyard

Many exciting ideas that can be poured so that the backyard becomes more interesting.

Backyard Garden with Many Plants

The garden is one of the complementary elements in the house.

Moreover, the park can give the impression of a natural, cool home, and helps maintain air quality at home.

Currently the park is not limited to the front, you can also make a garden in the backyard!

The most important thing in creating a backyard garden is to provide a bit of vacant land to be a place to relax, as well as channeling your hobbies.

You can plant various types of plants there.

do not forget to combine several types of flowers, greenery and grass to make it look more beautiful.

Patio for Relaxing
If you have a backyard that is a little relieved, just make a patio that will make the house look attractive.

You can add several chairs and tables that can be harmonized with the design of the house.

Welcome the guests or have a relaxed meeting on the patio.

At first glance the gazebo building looks like a more modern gazebo.

Inside the open side, you can sit and relax while enjoying the scenery around the back garden of the house without obstruction of the cover.

A hammock or a bed can complete days of relaxing in the backyard.

Especially if in the backyard there are large trees that are sturdy.

There are several choices of hammocks available and you can adjust them to your needs.

Starting from the hammock for yourself to which can accommodate many people by holding a weight of more than 1,000 pounds.

A Fun Reading Place

This one idea is perfect for you who have a hobby of reading.

Yes, use the backyard to make a favorite reading place.

You can add a comfortable chair to read.

Invite them to spend time outside and play together.

For example there is one device that has three to four exciting games.

If you already have a garden in the backyard, it doesn’t hurt to add a swing there.

After that hang the tire on a sturdy tree.

Another exciting thing to do in the backyard is to make a camping area on weekends.

Create a more intimate atmosphere between families and foster a sense of love for the environment in children.

In addition, you can also make an interesting game for your baby or tell about experiences that have been experienced.

So that camping will not be boring, bring a musical instrument and play when a campfire.

Install the Protector Screen

Relax, you can bring your own cinema to the back garden of your house with a projector screen.

You can also invite your family and closest people to watch a movie together.

Do not forget to prepare a chair to relax and a snack to enjoy the show.

Swimming Pool

Moreover, having a swimming pool can add a prestigious value to your home.

The backyard can look luxurious and attractive.

No need to be big, a few simple swimming pool designs can give a distinct impression to the home.

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Minimalist Garden Inspiration In Various Angles Of The House

Did you know that June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day?

Don’t be confused!

Actually we can celebrate the commemoration from home.

Wow, it turns out the easy way!

By having plants at home, then you have helped celebrate.

You will also agree that a garden is important at home.

Yes, with a garden, the house will feel cool and able to make the residents feel comfortable.

However …

No need to worry!

You who have a minimalist home can also have a garden.

Know the various angles of garden placement at home.
Have a minimalist garden in the house.
Having a house with a unique garden.

In the middle of the article there will be an explanation of garden inspirations in the house.

Garden Outside the House Will Make Your Home Look Look More Beautiful

However …

Therefore, you certainly see a lot of minimalist houses that still make a garden in his house even though the park is small.

Here’s what you will get if you make a garden in front of the house:

Everyone who passes by will see your house looks very beautiful and cool.

If you make a garden behind your house you will also:

Can enjoy a beautiful house and plants will not be affected by road dust.

However, the disadvantages:

Choose Dwarf Plants But Shady
The existence of a tree can indeed make the house feel more calm and cool.

Here are some small plants to choose from:

Rambutan mini
Mini Manga
Mini longan
You can also use this to make the park more beautiful …

Yes, this plant does have a very unique and beautiful shape.

Therefore, bonsai will be very suitable when applied to all types of gardens.

To make it more interesting, you can plant some bonsai in your garden.

What is the best grass?

This type of grass does have the best quality when compared to other types of grass.

However …

You can also choose other types of grass that:

In accordance with your wishes and tastes.

However …

The existence of rocks can make the park look more natural.

Many types of stones can be chosen to decorate the park. Instead, choose a few rocks with different colors so that the park looks more unique.

You also must be clever in arranging it in the area around the park.


You can create an array of stones in your garden. With good creativity, the decoration on the garden will look very beautiful.

Other types of parks will also make the house look more unique, you know.

You only need to leave a little space in the house.

Garden In The House Makes A More Beautiful And Cool Look

Simply put, just imagine there is a small garden inside your house.

This park is considered practical to be applied and can make the house look more attractive.

To make it, you must:

Special room in the house to be used as a garden area

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Collection of Latest Minimalist Home Designs with Pyramid Limasan Roofs Appear More Elegant and Enchanting

Collection of Latest Minimalist Home Designs with Pyramid Limasan Roofs Appear More Elegant and Enchanting

Models of houses from various countries and cities are very different, just like in the past in Java, there are many models, such as joglo, Surabaya, Betawi houses, limas, bolon houses and so on.

But for now, the traditional house model has been combined with a modern house which has the basis to form a minimalist house that looks more different. Do you know a lot now that minimalist homes have shapes – different shapes – both from the exterior and to the roof of their homes. For the minimalist roof of the house which is the trend now is the roof of Limasan or pyramid, this roof is like a traditional Balinese house. Here is an example of a collection of the latest Minimalist Home Designs with Limasan Pyramid Roofs Appearing More Elegant and Enchanting

Lightweight Steel Frame☑ Ringbalk layout dimensions for this roof mount are 6.6×6.8m2. The goal is of course to make the pyramid pyramid roof. But the name of the renovation of course there is a factor x that is difficult to predict. So it’s a little tricky, the concept of a square roof limasan reason can still be made, but there is a batten effect that cannot be found even though it is small.

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The Idea of ​​Using a Narrow Garden Backyard So Beautiful & Cool

Having a narrow or minimalist backyard garden can be utilized as a variety of functional areas. Take a peek at 11 cool ideas to take advantage of this area!

With creativity, there are actually many cool ideas that can be applied to the back garden to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Here are design ideas you can try!

11 Ideas for Using a Narrow Garden Backyard
Narrow Garden Back House Becomes Tiny Relaxing Area
narrow back garden

Have a mini lounge area in a narrow house by juggling the back garden.

You can also plant grass to make this area more comfortable.

Don’t forget to add bean bags or beach chairs in the area.

Besides creating a relaxing area, you can also bring a hammock in the back garden.

Just bring a hammock there, then you can have a simple relaxing area.

If possible, you can also add a small table to place drinks.

  1. Make a Swing

The backyard of a small house can also be used as a garden with a swing.

Choose one that suits the theme of your home and your desires.

As a complement, you can also use synthetic grass and ornamental plants to enhance the atmosphere.

In this place, you can make a minimalist washing and drying area.

Creating a Minimalist Garden
narrow back garden
source: Archdaily

The remaining land behind the house can also be made into a beautiful mini garden.

Minimalist chairs and tables will also provide maximum comfort in the garden area.

To give a unique impression, present exposed brick on one wall as an attraction of the park.

Open concept mini kitchen can also be one of the ideas for backyard garden.

Despite its small size, the open concept will provide freshness.

In addition to the air that is freely felt, this concept also provides easy access to incoming sunlight.

Beautify the back of the house with a minimalist fish pond.

Also add natural stones and ornamental plants for an integrated impression to nature.

Fish ponds, rocks and plants will give a cool and fresh impression to the house.

Children’s Play Area

Small dwellings can also have a pleasant play area.

You do this by juggling the remaining land in the backyard into a comfortable playing area.

Use synthetic grass so your little one is comfortable and safe playing in the area.

Also add colorful pillows to make the atmosphere brighter.

Mini Dining Room

If the location of the kitchen in the house is behind the house, the remaining land in the back can be utilized as a mini dining room.

So the location of the kitchen and dining room are close together without having to use the area in the house.

To give the impression of spacious and airy, choose wood-colored furniture.

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Trending Style in Minimalist Wooden Fence Palette Fence Houses

When making a house, of course you never miss the installation of the fence, right? Well, if you want to make your house look more charming, try using a wooden palette fence. Here it is some popular types.

House fence with wooden pallet design has artistic value and elegant impression, when compared to concrete or iron fences.

The advantage of this wooden house fence is that the price is very cheap so that it can save your expenses.

In addition, the installation does not need to bother calling the contractor to the house, just by yourself, the palette fence can be made easily.

For this minimalist wooden fence design, it is very commonly used by many homeowners.

Without customizing the wood, all you have to do is arrange it into a wooden fence.

If you need a fence design that aims as home decoration, picket wood fence models can be the best reference.

Privacy Arched Wood Fence Model
wooden palette fence
Source: Pinterest

The shape is really charming and then has an arch at the top.

This fence model is usually used by traditional houses or has a royal concept.

Like, the traditional Japanese royal house, and so on.

At the top there is a small roof as a sweetener fence.

This wooden fence model is designed with picket construction and gothic style that makes it look antique.

You can add some bird houses by hanging them on the fence.

If you have limited land, this fence model is an interesting solution.

Dog eared fence can be an interesting choice.

In contrast to the framed courtyard fence model house with a cap, this one has its own uniqueness.

The end of the fence is made curved then, after that you can arrange it tightly.

This includes the classic wooden fence model, you know!

Then, there is a minimalist wooden fence intended to clarify the boundaries of the house.

Rail ranch rail is a model that is suitable for all types of houses, very easy to make and the shape is not boring.

Model fence of the house itself is very commonly found in the countryside or in a very friendly environment.

Privacy With Lattice
Privacy Scalloped
Traditional Picket
Split Rail
Also Read:

Take care of the wooden fence to be durable and durable in this way

DIY Minimalist Wood Palette Fences
wooden palette fence

Tools and Materials Prepared:

2 pieces of pallets with a length of 2 m
15 pieces of 75 cm short wooden pallets
Small nails to taste
How to Make a Minimalist Palette Wood Fence:

Hold the wood firmly so it does not stray,
After all the sections are installed, it’s time to install a fence on the wall of the house,
Use a bigger nail and fasten it with a hammer.
The palette fence in your house is ready.
So that the appearance of the wooden fence is more attractive to look at, you can paint the fence with the right color

Because the needs are increasing, it is not strange if this plant has a higher price than garlic or other food ingredients.

For that, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to grow your own onion.

Besides being used as a flavoring, onion turned out to have other benefits, you know.

Benefits of Shallots for Traditional Medicine
Shallots that you often find in the kitchen can actually be used as traditional medicine.

For example, you can use onions as a treatment for “chips” that are usually used to treat colds.

how to grow shallots

In addition, this shallot also has other properties such as:

cure mag,
lowers cholesterol,
reduce blood sugar levels, and
treat diabetes.
Apparently, the secret why onion can treat the disease above is because of the content of potassium and fiber in it.

In addition, onions also contain Vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, and iron which are beneficial for maintaining a healthy body.

After knowing the various benefits, of course you are now interested in knowing how to grow your own onions behind the house.

If so, let’s just listen to tips for doing it!

How to Grow Hydroponic Shallots with the Wick System

  1. Preparing Tools and Materials
    how to grow shallots

The first thing you must do to plant shallots with this water media is to prepare the materials and equipment needed.

Here are the details:

Pot (use a used bottle or jar as an alternative)
Growing media (cocopeat or husk charcoal)
Hydroponic nutrition / AB mix
PH measuring device
TDS gauges
Water Preparing the Nutrition Pot and Reservoir
hydroponic onion axis system
After preparing everything, the next thing you have to do is prepare the planting media.

Pot and reservoir that must be prepared can be used items such as bottles or jars.

After everything has been prepared, here are the steps to be followed:

Make sure the size of the pot matches the size of the jar that has been prepared.
Punch a lid on the jar (adjust the shape and size of the hole with the pot provided).
Make an air hole of approximately 1 cm in diameter on the side of the jar.
Make the air hole a little lower down from the position of the pot.
Cut out the flannelette and attach it to the bottom of the pot.
Put the planting media in the pot.
Paint the jar / reservoir so that the nutrient solution is not overgrown with moss (choose a color that is not translucent).

  1. Preparing the Growing Media
    how to grow shallots

Hydroponics usually use husk charcoal or cocopeat as a growing medium.

In addition, you can also mix the two with a ratio of 1: 1.

Before you put this growing media in the pot, make sure that you first install the wick made of flannel.

  1. Preparing Seeds
    how to grow shallots

You can use shallots in the kitchen as seeds to plant.

To choose the best seeds, make sure the selected bulbs look dry and old.

This can be seen from the color of the tubers that look shiny and dense.

Also, make sure you also use the onion bulbs that the prospective roots look like. How to plant onions

After all of the above is prepared, cut only the tip of the onion, about 1/5 of the size of the seed.

  1. Planting Seeds
    The first thing you must do is first water the planting media with plain water.

Then, immerse half of the tuber into the growing media.

Place the growing media in a shady place for 3 to 4 days or until the onion hydroponic shoots.

If the growing shoots have reached 1 cm, fill the reservoir with an ab mix nutrient solution and store the growing media in a place that is thoroughly exposed to sunlight.

  1. Ensuring PPM Needs and Nutrition pH
    how to grow shallots

To determine whether the method of planting shallots in accordance with the provisions, you must also ensure the PPM needs and pH of nutrients needed.

Ab mix nutrition has 2 parts, namely nutrition A and nutrition B.

If the ab mix nutrients you have are still steamy or in solid form, dissolve them first until they become a mother liquor.

Nutrition A and nutrient B must be dissolved in 2 separate containers.

At each stage of growth, PPM hydroponic onion nutrient requirements are always changing.

In essence, the older the onion age, the more PPM nutritional needs.

Here are the details:

The ideal PH of onion