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Balcony Decoration With Plants

However, in fact the appearance of a house in Vietnam is different, you know.  Approximately, how beautiful does a residential house with a garden balcony look in Vietnam?

A house with a garden balcony has been implemented in Vietnam
A residential house with a garden balcony is located in a city in Vietnam called Nha Trang.

So the residence with a garden balcony is also known as ‘Nha Trang house’. The house that was designed by KA Studio is focused on creating a space where the owner’s family can spend time in peace, calm and relaxation together.

This house is designed with a simple design. This house has enough space for an open garden area around the building. Thus, this makes the house feel cooler and more comfortable.

The garden in this house is not only on the ground floor but also on several sides of the house that is open on the balcony. Surely the place is a comfortable place and suitable for exposure to sunlight and sea breeze. Various plants also complement the balcony garden. Thus, homeowners will feel more relaxed and relaxed until time just passes.

This house is certainly designed with a lot of space. These spaces are one way for the owner to feel his presence with nature. To create an unlimited life, the architect of this house also cuts the walls inside the house so that more space is open to the outside space.

Elements of the room appear open and bright by the sun
On the ground floor there are common functional spaces in the house such as living room, kitchen, dining room, entertainment room, and bathroom. Furniture in this house is made simple and meets the needs of the house. The interior of the house is designed in a modern style and arranged neatly and comfortably.

In the dining room and kitchen, there is a door to the garden area which is designed to be flexible so that it maximizes the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. So that the dining room with a view to the garden area allows the owner to enjoy dinner by enjoying the natural scenery, even though it is raining though.

The entertainment room as a place of relaxation is uniquely designed. People who are in it can also enjoy the activities inside while still seeing the activities in other rooms.

On this second floor the situation is more calm and quiet. On this floor is equipped with a glass frame and wooden frame to make the lounge room brighter. Vertical wooden frames other than as partitions also serve as shading for this house, especially on the second floor.

On the second floor there is a main bedroom complete with walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom, and of course a terrace equipped with plants as a relaxation area.

The main bedroom has its own terrace so that homeowners can relax in their private area.

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