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Balcony-style Millennial Apartment

RThe size of a compact apartment balcony is actually not difficult to arrange. But because of the compact size, it is rather tricky to arrange an apartment balcony. But take it easy, because there are 5 elements of millennial style balcony apartments that must be tried, you know! What is this millennial style balcony style model like? Come on, try to see in the following inspiration!

A millennial apartment style balcony with a white feel
Because the area of ​​the apartment balcony is not large, the use of white as a nuance of its decoration will make the apartment balcony area appear more attractive.

For example the inspiration for the balcony style above, the addition of a white mattress complete with pillows and blankets, adds to the attractive balcony of the apartment.

The use of patterned carpets to enliven the design of the balcony
Millennial style balcony balconies are certainly increasingly attractive, with decorating elements. The use of patterned carpets on the balcony floor of this apartment for example, is able to add to the attractive decoration of the balcony inside the apartment.

Extra sofa cushions make the balcony area of ​​the apartment feel cozy
Millennials are moving very fast, often makes us feel depressed and need refreshing. So it’s really important for every home to have an open area, to be able to provide a refreshing effect for homeowners.

So, this balcony area is often really made to relax by the homeowners. Therefore, to add a sense of comfort and cozy atmosphere while relaxing on the balcony, the elements of the sofa cushion must be there! So that when you are tired and stressed, fatigue can be lost when you are relaxing in the balcony area.

The addition of greenery in the balcony area, adding to the cool air
When you are relaxing on the balcony of the apartment, the heat that immediately feels sure often makes you uncomfortable right. Well, to make the discomfort disappear, it turns out the way is quite easy you know!

Just put some of your favorite greenery in the balcony area. In addition to strengthening the taste and cool air around the balcony area, the presence of green plants can also function as a decorative accent!

Decorative elements such as decorative lamps must be present
In addition to plants, there is one more decorative element that cannot be left behind, to decorate the balcony area of ​​your friend’s apartment.

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