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Bath Bomb The New Bathroom Innovations

For those of you who like to soak in a spa, certainly no stranger to the term bath bomb. But for those who are not used to playing at the spa, or who have never bathed while bathing, this bath bomb certainly sounds strange to you. Now, so that my friend has a lot of knowledge about new things, let us now learn to recognize the bath bomb. What is a real bath bomb?

Get to know the real bath bomb
If you have never known a bath bomb, don’t worry yet because this is not a painful bomb that can explode.

Bath bombs are actually a new innovation in relaxing baths and spas, which began to grab people’s attention in early 2017. And the popularity of bath bombs has continued to increase throughout the year. Bath bombs are popular because they have many benefits, Friend. Bath bomb is a home-spa innovation. Round shaped like a bomb but with a variety of colors.

Its function is more or less similar to the combination of spices and salt that people used to mix in water in ancient times.

How to use the bath bomb
To use a bath bomb in the bathroom, it’s really easy!

Because bath bombs have a variety of colors, your bath water will also be the same color as the bath bomb colors. So it’s really funny, if you soak with this bath bomb!

The contents of the contents in the bath bomb
One key element of a bath bomb is aromatherapy, friend. . He realized the benefits of the essential oils contained in aromatheraphy can calm the body and mind, and help heal the skin affected by burns faster. So that is what is trying to be applied in a bath bomb.

When dissolved with water, bath bombs will release a fragrance that can calm the mind. All the composition that is in the batth bomb will be one with water and easily nourish your skin. Other contents in the bath bomb can also help skin regeneration, and make the skin’s pH so balanced.

Well buddy, have fun relaxing with a bath bomb!

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