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Bath easier with shower

Talking about bathroom filler products, of course there are many varieties. Includes various models of showers with various functions and different uses.

Well, to make it easier to choose the right shower for the bathroom at home, here are some types of showers with various functions that can be selected.

So you can use the bathroom more efficiently. So it’s more flexible and functional right?

Not only is the hand shower flexible and adjustable, the wall shower is no less flexible.

What is also no less exciting than the modern minimalist design shower mixer set from AER is the presence of hot and cold water faucets. So even more comfortable to use it because it can be arranged according to needs.

Simple Shower Closet
There are many types of showers here.

But just like a shower, AER also produces shower toilets with quality materials and is very concerned about comfort. This shower also has a seal filter that is useful for filtering impurities in water. So no need to worry about the quality of clean water issued again.

Hand Shower Models With Unique Wood Motifs
Are you bored with monotonous hand shower and that’s it?With the shape and design that is also modern, of course, will further enhance the interior of the bathroom at home.

Matter of comfort in use and ease of maintenance is equally important. So that with this painless shower, the body will become more relaxed and fresher after bathing.

This type of hand shower can be selected if you want a shower model with a variety of functions that are more flexible and can be used as needed.

More Dynamic With Wall Shower Types
When in a hurry, bathing with a shower is often considered more efficient, fast and practical. And of course it still feels refreshing. Now if you want a type of shower that is also practical, you can use this type of wall shower for your bathroom at home.

You don’t need to worry about the comfort of water released from the nozzle. Because even though the water bursts remain tight, it will still feel comfortable and soft on the body.

By knowing various shower models with these various functions, you don’t need to be confused anymore in choosing the right type of shower. So that other people also know, don’t forget to share this article!

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