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Beautiful Houses With Cheap Budget

Realizing the dream house that has long been dreamed of will certainly be the desire of many people. Moreover, the house is also a place to rest and unwind after a day of activities. Therefore, you definitely want to have a pleasant home right? Especially if you can have a beautiful, comfortable and strong home with a cheap budget.

Given the three must complement each other. But how do you create a beautiful, comfortable and strong home at the same time with a cheap budget?

The Right Material Selection Is The Key To A Beautiful, Comfortable And Strong Home With A Low Budget
For example, by completing home decor with wooden elements for furniture. So that the house feels more comfortable and warmer. The choice of core material for home materials is also important, you know, friend. For example, like using a lightweight brick with the best quality from Blesscon. So that the house becomes stronger, earthquake resistant and durable.

Moreover, Blesscon lightweight bricks are also more economical, so the costs needed are also more affordable. By choosing the right material, you can create a more comfortable home and feel homey.

Good Lighting, Especially Natural Lighting
Lighting effects can actually greatly affect the comfort of a room you know, friend. Because the room is minimal lighting and seem dark, can also make the house look crowded. Therefore, you need to make a house with a good lighting path, especially natural lighting from the sun.

But if you rely on general lighting on the lights mounted on the ceiling of the house alone, it seems to make the room feel empty. Well, you can use room lighting by using spotlight so that the ambience of home comfort is increasingly created.

Put Plant Elements So That The Home Cooler
Houses that have plants usually have a more soothing aura when they are inside. You can also put plant elements into the house in many simple ways. For example, with a fresh flower and put it in a flower vase in the living room or in the kitchen. Leafy ornamental plants that are easy to care for and suitable for indoor can also be an attractive choice so that the house is more beautiful and cool. To be sure, fresh flowers and plants can always make the room more comfortable.

In Accordance With The Concept Of Tropical Residential
When making a house, don’t forget the fact that Indonesia is a tropical country, friend. For example, starting with applying the right materials for tropical housing. The application of lightweight brick BLESSCON which has aeration or pores in the dwelling, can make the room temperature cooler.

Given the light brick with good quality, it can also make heat from outside not easily enter the house. So that during the summer, the house feels cooler and more comfortable. But during the rainy season, you don’t need to be afraid of the house being exposed to water seepage because the quality of Blesscon’s lightweight bricks is quite waterproof.

With these points, your dream to have a beautiful, comfortable and strong home with a cheap budget can be realized right?

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