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Beautiful & Neat! Easy Ways to Arrange Wardrobe Drawers at Home

Cleaning and tidying the house is an essential thing that must be done to be comfortable to live. This method can help you to maximize space in every corner of your home.

Casa Indonesia has prepared this way to efficiently tidy up the drawers in your home:

After that, put accessories and items that are still often used to a place that is easy to grab.
You have to fight laziness and procrastination, it can also be used to tidy up the drawer at home.

Maximize the use of drawers at home
After grouping items, the arrangement of goods is also very important to maximize the space inside the drawer. You can start by folding clothes and storing them according to the model, to placing objects by categorizing according to the type.

Use an easy-to-go container
So that the drawer can look neat, you should prepare a place to store personal accessories, such as using an easy-to-go container. Many types of easy-to-go containers you can choose from, ranging from plastic boxes, made of cloth, wood, or even in other forms. The container can be placed at the top of the drawer.

Save in rolls
Clothing storage in rolls can be an option in saving space. This is done after grouping by type done before putting it in the drawer, it makes it easier for you to find the items needed later.

Label for reminders
The use of labels to be attached to the drawer can be very helpful for you to find out the contents without opening them one by one. This can help you save time searching for items or accessories needed.

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