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Beautiful Scenery at The Lodge

Well, it’s really fitting to go on a vacation to the city of Bandung.

The thing is , there are a number of recommendations, about lodging in the city of Bandung, which has beautiful views and can certainly make you happy.

Anywhere, this beautiful lodging location in the city of Bandung?

Floating village-style lodging locations The first place to stay in the city of Bandung, we will discuss its location in the Garut area.

This inn offers a very beautiful place and a pleasant experience.

Enjoying the natural scenery and breathing fresh air certainly makes the body more relaxed and calm.

Various lodging cabins are connected to the artificial lake area with one center, the restaurant area.

Here visitors can also pedal and relax.

The building was designed like a Sundanese rural style, which makes us feel the comfort of a beautiful village.

Camping-style lodging in Lembang For lodging around the next city of Bandung is quite unique, buddy!

The problem is that this place has a unique concept with a tent-shaped lodging model, so it is very similar to the atmosphere of the camping area.

Supported by the location of the inn in the Lembang area, Trizara Resorts looks like a cool camping atmosphere.

So it’s just right, make it a vacation spot, Friend .

Although the shape of the hotel room is designed like a tent, but the aspect of cleanliness is maintained by the hotel manager.

From the bedroom area to the bathroom you can see for yourself, it’s neat and clean right!

But the inn named Legok Kondang Lodge further emphasizes the concept of ‘tents’ by designing its rooms like camping tents.

Friend can feel camping in the middle of the wild but get the facilities of a five-star hotel class.

Inside the tent there is also a comfortable bed, entertainment facilities such as television and also an eccentric bathroom.

In this place it is more focused on the activities of children and families, so that children learn more closely about nature.

Vacationing in a villa is a worthy choice Bored with the formal atmosphere of the hotel, maybe Sobat  can try to stay in a villa with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Located in the valley between Mount Tangkuban Perahu and Mount Burangrang, Vila Air Natural Resort is a very suitable place for a vacation.

This villa with six rooms for six people is suitable for relaxing with family or friends.

Each villa is designed in the presence of a complete private terrace, with a cool green atmosphere that makes the air fresher.

The scenery in this area is also more complete, with a beautiful and spectacular landscape.

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