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Bedroom Design Based on Age

When creating a comfortable bedroom, the design is usually tailored to the needs and usability of the area right? But there is one more thing you should pay attention to.

Because indeed the character of each person is different, so is the character of people based on their age. So that in decorating a bedroom can be done by categorizing based on the age group of its inhabitants. That way, the process of decorating the room becomes easier.

Well, if you want to make bedroom designs based on age, here are the groupings to make it easier for you.

Bedroom Design Based on Ages 10-17
Age 10-17 years are a group of age ranges that are included in the adolescent category. So it’s no wonder that in general they also have a playful, fun and colorful side. So that the bedroom decor style with a bright, colorful and playful concept becomes a decoration style suitable for this age.

But if you want a more prominent cheerful impression on bedroom decorations for this age, you can apply a wallsticker or poster on the wall of the room.

If the Age Range 18-34 Years Old, Different Again …
The bedroom design concept with a modern minimalist style, including one of the most appropriate interior designs to be applied to bedrooms inhabited by ages 18-34 years. Because this age, including ages that tend to like something that is practical, fast and simple.

So modern minimalist decoration is the most appropriate decoration to be applied.

The application of furniture that is multifunctional and minimalist, also includes furniture models that are preferred by this age group. So that the presence of furniture does not make the room feel cramped, but still meet the needs and functions of the furniture itself more optimally.

Age 55-65 Years Also Have Different Design Interests
Age 55-65 years is the age where they live more and spend more time at home. Therefore the comfort element should take precedence over the aesthetic or technological sophistication. So the style of decoration with a rustic concept that has a natural and warm impression, is more appropriate to be applied in the bedroom for those aged 55-65 years old, friend.

To make the bedroom feel more comfortable and warm, furniture with wooden materials can be selected. Don’t forget to choose natural colors like brown, beige or green for decoration so that the bedroom feels more comfortable and warm.

By making bedroom designs based on age, the atmosphere in the bedroom becomes more comfortable and pleasant right? The more comfortable in the room …

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