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Best Design Simple your own Interior layout

The office is one of your second homes in everyday life. Our work performance is determined by the work space that makes you comfortable or not. A work space that has a good atmosphere will make you more enthusiastic at work. Therefore, it is important to arrange the decoration of your workspace so that it can be encouraging. Here are the things you need to consider for your workspace:

Change the atmosphere of the room

Changing the theme and atmosphere of the workspace regularly can prevent you from boredom. Workspaces that have the same atmosphere will make you feel bored to be in it. Color changes will also affect your mood at work. The color that is always up to date will make you more energetic and energetic so that you can be more productive. For example you can use green which is a trend this year in your office. In addition to green is a color that is becoming a trend, green can also provide freshness, uplifting and makes us feel relaxed.

Give Concepts and Themes

The atmosphere of your workspace is monotonous? Of course, with such an atmosphere will make you become less energetic and lazy. So that the atmosphere of the workspace becomes more “alive”, you can raise the theme or concept in the workspace according to your taste. For example you can take the theme of the city of Paris or London, if you are a traveling enthusiast. The special concept that you apply to your workspace looks more interesting and not boring.

Add with Ornamental Plants

After you make the concept and atmosphere of the room, do not forget to add elements and natural touches in it. Besides functioning as decoration, the main function of plants is to provide freshness and better air. You can put a flower vase in the corner of the room, near a window or on your desk.


After you give the concept, atmosphere and theme to your room. Don’t forget this, make sure you have enough light and light in your room. The most important thing in a workspace is that you get the right light. Not too dark and not too bright, because if the excess light is obtained or lacking will make your eyes and body become tired quickly. Proper lighting can keep you focused and feel inspired to develop new ideas.

In addition to a comfortable home, of course you will need a comfortable workspace because you will spend a lot of time in the workspace. For those of you who spend more time in the room, of course it is important to pay attention to the arrangement of the room so that it is not easily bored and can always provide encouragement when you work.

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