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Best Design Styles for Your Home

A painting is something that would be recommended to be installed in your room. Whether it’s an original painting or a printed painting. By adding wall art to home decor, you will enhance the look of your room. Artwork gives decoration with different colors and styles depending on the concept you want. However, besides choosing the work that you like, you must also determine the right size and placement of the artwork.  Here is a guide on how to determine the right size of art for the wall for your room.


Things to consider when deciding the size of the artwork are:


So it’s better you give a painting with a large size so that it gives an interesting atmosphere in the room.

Room Wall

Of course there are overall dimensions of the wall, but then you also need to think about the orientation of the wall.

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a fun and interesting way to fill a large space when you are interested in various kinds of artwork, when you find several prints or paintings in the same color / theme palette. You can put the artwork in groups in one room.

The easiest tips when you want to learn to make a gallery, is to learn to determine the same theme in 2 frame artwork that will be placed next to each other. When you have managed to make it it will facilitate you in the future. Like the example below, 2 artworks with similar themes are arranged side by side in one location.

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