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Best Idea Kitchen Design for Small Space

As an arena of strenuous activity at home, the kitchen should not only make it easier for users to cook but also clean and tidy to invite us to cook every day there. For those who do not like complicated, minimalist kitchen is the perfect choice because this interior style kitchen can be presented with the selection and placement of straight and simple striped furniture without much decoration. In addition, a minimalist kitchen is also suitable for those who are super busy and do not have much time to clean. The first way to achieve all these benefits is to create a minimalist kitchen design that suits the needs and number of family members. Can we make our own minimalist kitchen designs even though we have no background in interior design or architecture?

1. Plan the function of the kitchen

Before making a minimalist kitchen design, you should first observe the available land. After knowing exactly what size of kitchen land is available, we can imagine what activities will be carried out there. Which is more often done, cooking for yourself and family or cooking in a crowd with friends? Someone’s cooking activity can also be a guide to design a minimalist kitchen design that suits your needs.

2. Planning a pipe laying in a minimalist home design

But if the homeowner plans to add a kitchen island table, an additional pipeline is needed in the middle of the room which must be installed by dismantling the floor. Placing the washing machine in the kitchen is also reasonable in a minimalist kitchen design. This is also reasonable, namely so that the washing machine and the sink are not too far away to access water and throw dirty water into the drain. In addition, no less important is to determine the location of the vacuum cleaner. This element is indeed less popular among the people of Indonesia, but it is very beneficial because Indonesian cuisine tends to taste and use a lot of sauteed spices. A vacuum cleaner will help prevent fumes from spreading to other rooms in the house.

3. Determine the lighting

To be in line with the minimalist concept, the kitchen should be designed to be bright by natural light in the morning and afternoon. For this reason, a minimalist kitchen design should also be equipped with information on where windows or doors facing outward will be made and at what size. If you want to be more effective, sliding glass doors can be an option because the geometric shapes and straight lines are very similar to the minimalist concept. In a minimalist kitchen design we can also determine where the main lights are and where we will place the spot lights.

4. Determine the location of a storage area in a minimalist kitchen design

Given the minimalist concept of prioritizing as few items as possible on the outside, there is no doubt that storage space is needed. In a minimalist kitchen design we can determine where the storage will be placed, whether the shape tends to be vertical or horizontal, is it safe for children to use, whether the storage is already available in the finished form or must be ordered first?

Considering the minimalist concept places great emphasis on limiting the appearance of items visible to our eyes, here are items that should be limited in minimalist kitchens:

1. Dishes.

2. Glass, mug and cup.

3. Knife. spoon and fork

Unless there is a family meal, it’s quite rare for all spoons and forks to be used. Keep all the spoons and forks in a special cabinet or drawer that is insulated where we can store all cutlery according to its type. The knife can be stored in a separate drawer to make it safer and not to be used carelessly.

5. Determine the color of the theme

Like people on a diet for health reasons or losing weight, minimalism is an architectural and interior design diet. Minimalism is identical to white and other neutral colors. Using white in a minimalist kitchen design can make the kitchen look brighter, cleaner, and more visually spacious. Wearing white is also a safe choice. Safe because white is very easy to mix and match with any color. If the color of the walls and white kitchen countertop, then you should choose a dark color as the color of furniture to create a balance. If you are bored using white, the walls and backsplash can be replaced with other colors.

6. Planning a budget

Just like building a house, making a minimalist kitchen also requires careful financial planning so we know how much it costs to prepare. According to Homify’s observations, it would cost approximately 20 million to manufacture a 2 x 6 meter kitchen structure, which consisted of the cost of installing lightweight steel roof truss, making brick walls, ceiling frames, asbestos roofs, toren ducts, installing water pipes, kitchen tables and tubs washing dishes, and installing ceramic floors.

A minimalist kitchen set prices range from Rp 1.6 million to Rp 6 million, depending on the material used and its size. Meanwhile, as a backsplash coating, glass blocks or kitchen wall tiles can be used which can be found in supermarkets, building materials. The price of glass block is indeed a bit more expensive because in quality it is superior to wall tiles.

7. Contact a professional to create a minimalist kitchen design

If all the steps above are complicated and there is no certainty that the results will be as beautiful as our minimalist kitchen design drawings, don’t worry. Nowadays minimalist kitchen design services are offered by professionals in various cities. At the moment there are several payment systems for designer services that are used, namely:

1. Based on per square meter of room area

As an illustration, the cost of a minimalist kitchen design in Jakarta can reach Rp. 2 million per square meter.

2. Based on percentage

The total production cost can be taken or based on the RAB (budget plan) prepared by the architect in the previous planning stage.

3. Based on the design

An interior designer can also offer services for making design drawings in the form of two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs. He also offers a whole range of RAB interior design services.

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