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Best Inspiration Cool Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas

The house and bedroom are important areas for children. For your child, the house and bedroom are places where he can feel comfortable and get peace. Therefore, it is important to decorate a child’s room to feel comfortable. Designing a child’s room is certainly full of challenges and considerations. Maybe at first your child does not want to sleep alone, but we can make our children become interested in sleeping in their own room. Here are tips for designing rooms for children:

Lighting in the room

Children will certainly spend a lot of their activities in the room. As a place that is comfortable for children, we must pay attention to the health of the eyes of children and also the comfort of children. Natural light from the window or artificial light from the lamp must be adequate both in the morning or at night.

Room layout and furniture layout

In addition to choosing furniture, laying furniture and designing a child’s room layout is also important. Place important or important furniture or equipment in an easily accessible area in the room. This is done so that the furniture does not limit the child’s space, so that children can be more expressive in their own room. As for placing the study table near the window so that the lighting while studying can be fulfilled.

Color selection

Color selection in the room will certainly be important, because it will support the situation in the room. The selection of bright colors like green, blue, orange, yellow will certainly look fresher and also fun. But it also doesn’t matter if you want to use neutral colors like black, white, gray. Most importantly the color of this room can be in harmony with the theme of the existing space. It also gives a modern impression on a child’s room.

Decide on a specific theme

Customize your child’s room design concept with a particular theme or personality. Especially if your child is under 17 years old, usually children will feel more comfortable if they are in a room that has an interesting theme. For example like the photo below:

You can give a theme that your children are fond of like Frozen. So your child will feel comfortable and comfortable in his bedroom.

Examples of nursery themes for boys:

For boys you can give a toy design, so that your boy feels happy and comfortable in his bedroom and does not feel bored. With the form of toys that he likes, of course, will make your child feel happy.

Those are some tips in designing a child’s room. Designing children’s rooms and developing their creativity and talents will be very good for children’s development. The tips above you can apply and develop for your child’s bedroom.

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