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Everyone clearly has a dream home design. Almost all want to bring a natural feel into their homes. Why is that? Because the natural impression in the house can bring peace, warmth, as well as comfort. In addition, the natural side brings aesthetic value as well.

Designing a dream home with natural nuance, of course, must harmonize with the current lifestyle that is healthy, energy efficient, and loves the environment. So no doubt now the design of environmentally friendly homes is a favorite of Indonesian families. to realize the dream home is not too difficult, as long as following the steps below and not to be missed when designing a house with this concept.

How to Realize a Natural Dream House

This article will have some tips that are easier to plan a house with a natural feel. Please refer carefully from beginning to end. If you want to realize immediately for your home, contact us for further Jogja interior consulting services. Here are tips for realizing a natural home for you, namely:

Combining Land Color with Modern Color

The house that accentuates the natural side characteristic is the use of earth colors or commonly known as earthy tone. Moreover, these colors seem modern when combined with white and dark dark colors. For the color of the land including brown, orange, olive, and cream. While the harmonious dark colors are dark ash and blue dongker. The color combination can add an epic impression on the dwelling.

Presenting Wood Shades

The next step is to characterize the dream house’s natural feel, by applying a color combination to the dining room. The dining room can be dominated by wood furniture. The use of wood material can be used for tables, chairs, cabinets, which present an unpretentious rustic impression. In order to appear more modern, it can apply Scandinavian-style dining chairs. If you need our help, you can use our Jogja carpenter services, of course.

Refreshing Room Angles

The next tips are not difficult to apply in the house. So that the shelter looks fresher by placing ornamental plants or indoor plants in the corner of the room. Indoor plants should be placed on furniture that is not often used. Such as cabinet, tv rack, and other furniture. With the view of the indoor plant psychologically provides closeness to nature.

Providing Enough Air And Lighting In The Family Room
Family room is the center of the room in the dwelling. It is appropriate that this room be made as comfortable as possible to gather with family. Then you need enough openings for the air into the room. In addition, many openings minimize the use of lights and coolers during the day. to still look natural in the family room can add bamboo lights. so as to maintain intimacy and harmony with your beloved family. The small table on the side can add mobility to a small family room.

Creating the Terrace of a Beautiful House

Realizing the next dream house focuses on structuring the terrace. Designing a natural house can not be separated from the neat arrangement on the terrace. When designing the terrace, you should not place outdoor furniture right in front of the window. it prevents sunlight from entering the house. To appear natural, place ornamental plants on the furniture side or corner of the terrace.

Add Natural Decoration

The next step which is very easy to emulate for natural dwellings is to place decorations made from organic. Characteristics of environmentally friendly homes using natural and handmade materials, such as wicker baskets, woven wall hangings, flower vases, and bowls made of clay. Then the housing looks more cool and beautiful.

So those are some references to design a natural nuanced dream house. Not that steps that look trivial can be easily applied to residential. If reckless in the selection of colors to decoration might cause a tacky and unsightly impression.

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