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Best Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens Inspiration

1. Artwork or Wall Decoration
One of the ideas for decorating the kitchen is to provide artwork such as paintings and photographs or other decorations that we can attach to the walls. Paintings or decorations that are very suitable to decorate the kitchen are painting and photo themed foods, fruits, flowers or wall hangings such as plates and other cutlery.

2. Color Game

The choice of colors in the kitchen can give a pleasant feel and of course will make you feel at home in the kitchen for long. For example, some parts of the kitchen wall in green paint will contrast with the natural surroundings. With the game of color in the kitchen will certainly make your kitchen atmosphere interesting and not boring.

3. Green Plants

Laying green plants in the kitchen is a trend right now. By placing plants in the kitchen will provide a very comfortable natural feel and will provide a very positive effect including to refresh the room.  By using hanging plants / vines can save your storage space.

4. Multifunction with a Folding Table

By using a folding table in addition to saving space you can also make the room more spacious, because after using it we can fold it back so it does not require space.

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