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Best Minimalist Wood Stair Designs | Many Functions And Do Not Need Broad Space

Wooden stairs become one type of ladder that is used by many people at home. However, if you have a minimalist space, you must consider many things before choosing the design of wooden stairs.

Wooden stairs are widely used by people because it gives a warm impression at home.

In addition, materials from wood will also create a traditional feel to the interior of the house.

If you like wooden stairs, you need to take good care of them, because wood is easily damaged if exposed to water.

In addition to caring for it well, you also need to be selective in choosing a minimalist wooden staircase design.

Reporting from various sources, the following recommendations for the best wooden stair design that is suitable to be applied in your minimalist home.

Best Minimalist Wood Stair Design
Multifunctional Wooden Stairs
One of the things you can do in a narrow space is to maximize all available space, including stairs.
That little space can be used as a bookshelf or a place where you can store various things.
You can also use the stairs to be a drawer where you can store clothes and other items.

This type of stairs will create an empty space under the stairs.
You can also use under the stairs to put various items.

Super Vertical
So as not to take up a lot of space, you can narrow the width of the stairs to make the stairs.
You can make stairs with a size that is not too large.
You can add railings so that people who climb the stairs feel safe.
The risk of making this ladder is a rather steep angle, so you must be careful when going up and down stairs.

Ribbon Shaped Ladder
This one wooden stair design is for you who are bored of the usual staircase design.
Just like a super vertical ladder, you can make this ladder a bit steep.

Free up space under the stairs
You can also choose a standard wooden stair design.
The most important part in a minimalist room is the bottom of the stairs should be able to be used for other things, such as storing goods.

Turning Ladder
One type of stairs that can be used in a minimalist home is a rotary ladder.
In making a rotary ladder, you must consider the steepness of the ladder.

Made Like a Prism
This one stair design is for you who are bored with ordinary stair designs.

Folding ladder
Another alternative for your minimalist home is to use a folding ladder.
You can use a folding ladder when you need it.
When you don’t need it, you can fold the stairs easily.

Turning Ladder
So that the stairs in the house are not too steep, you can outsmart by adding landing.
Those are the nine best wooden stair designs that we recommend.

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