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Bohemian Decorations in the Bedroom

The concept of interior design that applies the boho style or commonly known as bohemian decoration, generally has the characteristic striking and bold blend of the typical indie or ethnic decoration style with a fresh free decoration style.

This makes Bohemian-style decorations give birth to many alternative bedroom interior designs with a variety of styles that can be applied.

Not limited to one or two styles, a blend of bohemian decorating styles in the bedroom at least gives birth to several alternative designs, you know!

What is the shape and model of inspiration?

Simple white bohemian decoration The bohemian concept is usually synonymous with a mixture of various colors and motifs that collide freely.

But if  prefers the feel of a quiet room with a relaxed natural color,  can apply a bohemian style with a bedroom feel that is dominated by all-white colors.

Boho decorations use mid-century style accents Boho style which is identical with ethnic or indie accent, usually more closely related to classical impression than modern impression.

But Sobat  also presents a mid-century style in the bedroom in a boho style through several accents that contain modern elements.

As with the mid century style chairs with striking colors and room decoration that is quite prominent.

Bohemian decoration but with aesthetic accents Art enthusiasts naturally want to apply elements that are identical to art in bedroom decor.

So it is not impossible to apply boho style to the bedroom combined with elements of art, for example through ethnic patterned wall decorations and placing paintings as room wall decorations.

So with this decoration, the artistic impression also stands out in the boho style decoration in the bedroom.

The concept of decoration style with a tropical accent Combining boho style with a tropical concept is one of the bedroom decor concepts that is most easily applied.

For example,  can apply rattan material on the headboard of the bed to bring a natural tropical feel.

In addition to warm and comfortable, this bed headboard can create a playful impression, because the pink color chosen is a cheerful color typical of boho-style decoration!

Put the plant as a focal point There are so many styles of decoration that use green plants as a focal point.

And that also applies to the boho-style concept, because the matter is putting green plants as one of the interesting boho-style ornament decorations!

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