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Building Facade Inspiration in Bandung

A comfortable residence would be everyone’s dream. The solution is definitely a multi-storey residential design, with a sleek building facade style. Well, it’s very similar to one of the following residential inspirations in Bandung! What is the uniqueness of the interior of the house with the style of this sleek building facade?

Residential location is on limited land to make the designer create with maximum
Residential location with a sleek building style facade on limited land, this is in the Cidadap area of ​​Bandung.

And the choice of a slender building facade style using vines and wood grilles as a secondary skin, makes this residence in accordance with the local climate. Moreover, the environmental conditions around the residence still feel beautiful and cool, typical of the mountainous region.

The choice of facade style of this sleek-sized building is dominated by shades of white
Because it is located in contoured land with a size of 6.5 x 25 meters with a land angle of 30 degrees, the designer is thinking hard to make this house look unique.

Even though from the outside it looks sleek, the interior atmosphere has enough lighting. The number of openings in this building makes lighting and air coming into the house feel maximal.

So even though the position of the house is close to the neighborhood, aspects of the green area remain to be considered, so the house is not stuffy and also looks attractive.

The white nuance in this house increasingly looks attractive with wood accents, which become attractive and decorative accents in this residence. Plus the white color can make a limited area of ​​the room feel wider.

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