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Bulkhead Selection in the Living Room!

The existence of a room divider, enough to be one important thing that deserves attention.So that the living room and other areas in the house seem restricted, you need tricks to choose the right divider in the living room.

But for some houses such as minimalist houses or houses that are narrow in size, making room dividers that are too big like a wall, can make the house seem even more narrow.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a room divider that is more efficient and practical but still in accordance with its function.

Like what are the right tricks you can apply?

If you want to make the partition partition appear more integrated with the interior design of the living room, consider the theme or style of interior design that is applied to the living room so it must be done.

Try to choose a flexible living room divider One trick for choosing a living room divider besides the wall is that you can use the divider for other functions.

For example by using a bookshelf as a binder, you can also store books there so it is more efficient.

Or you can also use a screen with plant accents, so that not only can limit the living room, the screen can also beautify the interior and give a fresh effect on the room.

Aspects of thickness, height and width of the partition must be considered This is the most important trick in choosing a partition or partition for your living room, which is the thickness, height and width of the partition so the important points should not be forgotten!

Given the thicker and larger insulation used, the required space will be even greater, right?

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