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Cafe with Flower Decoration in Jakarta

This flower-decorated cafe looks really sweet This flower-decorated cafe is located in the Tanjung Duren area – Jakarta, friend.

This cafe named ONNI House, the appearance from the outside is sweet and fun, you know!

The thing is the display of flowers in one of the corners of the window of this cafe, is here to welcome your friend so beautifully!

Fragrant fragrant flowers immediately welcomed When my friend enters into this beautiful cafe, it is guaranteed that the fragrance of fresh flowers will burst into the nose and make eyes look fresher!

Because there are various types of flowers found in the area near the entrance of the cafe, which is deliberately placed on the wall with a sweet and super cool arrangement!

Many beautiful photo areas and a homey atmosphere are factors that attract visitors.

Decorating the cafe with natural elements, namely fresh flowers ala ONNI House, was prepared by the owner of the cafe who is also a lover of flowers.

Starting from a love of flowers and food, the owner finally agreed to make a cafe which is also a flower shop.

So that the owner of the cafe, too, made use of the idea to decorate his cafe with a variety of flowers that are also sold at ONNI House.

The more you enter the cafe, the more friends you will find in the types of flowers, both those that have been strung together or those still in the chiller.

Masculine industrial style so soft with flower decoration.

The essence of the ONNI House cafe interior style concept is actually industrial, buddy!

This can be seen from the roof of the cafe room which was deliberately made high, the use of iron doors and windows as well as the application of exposed brick walls and cement plaster floors.

However, due to the concept of this cafe decoration that is all-round so the impression of industrial feel is softer, friend.

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