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Can You Paint Ceramic Bathroom Floor Tile

One important element that also determines the beauty and comfort of the room is the ceramic floor, including bathroom tile floors. This is due to the fact that ceramics have proven to be tough with water and moisture.

Choosing a bathroom tile floor is practically easy and easy. You must be careful and observant because it will impact on durability, accuracy and suitability when applied. It further affects the atmosphere in the room and even the mood. This book of ideas, Homify will share tips on choosing bathroom tiles for you all.

Before choosing ceramics, you have to make sure the bathroom that you will make is included in the bathroom what criteria.

Dry bathroom can create a comfortable atmosphere because it is free from stagnant water.

The following recommendations for the types of ceramics in accordance with the design of the bathroom:

You can arrange it in such a way as you wish, cement it and add plant decorations to add beauty.

Understanding this condition, it is appropriate to use coarse-textured ceramic flooring, or matte ceramic so it is not prone to slipping.

Ceramics with embossed motifs will be suitable for use. Besides checkered motifs, floral motifs, wood motifs that appear can also be made attractive choices.

The shape, size and style of the bathroom floor are made in various sizes and motifs. Generally measuring 20×20 cm or 25×25 cm or 20×30 cm. Its surface tends to be rough so it is not slippery. As for the bathroom wall surface is usually smooth.

Ceramic KW1 packaging is neater and the size is more accurate to the millimeter.

There are several kinds of well-known ceramics brands on the market, including: Platinum, Milan, Granito, Roman, Hercules, Arowana and several other brands with varied prices.

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