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Canopy Roof Type That Can Make The Exterior of The House More Beautiful

Get to know the types on the market, let’s go!

Canopies are part of the structure of the building that serves as an additional roof to protect from heat and rain.

Its presence can add to the function of the room, for example for the garage, play area, warehouse and even the kitchen.

In addition, the canopy can also add aesthetic value to the occupancy.

The canopy frame must be strong and sturdy to support the roof, not easily weathered and rusty.

Roof Canopy Type
After knowing the parts in the canopy, the next is to know what types of canopies that exist today.

Polycarbonate materials have a variety of colors, models and designs.

You can choose the color and shape that you like and according to your needs.

Various types of polycarbonate that can be found on the market, including:

Lexan Carboron
GE, Molydex
Cladian Plast
The advantages of polycarbonate roofing types are:
Strong, sturdy and lightweight.
Spandek / Zyncalum Canopy Roof Type
type of canopy roof

This type of material is stronger and more durable when compared to polycarbonate roofs.

Has an elegant design.
The material is strong and clear as glass.
Able to reduce heat without reducing the incoming light.
Natural lighting, electricity and energy savings.
Environmentally friendly.
Easy installation and fabrication.
Onduline Canopy Roof
Onduline canopy roof absorbs noise from rain so it can create a sense of comfort in the environment underneath.

Has superior high quality plastic strength.
Excellent level of flexibility and endurance.
Can be the best choice for use with lightweight steel canopy frames.
The material is lightweight and flexible.
Environmentally friendly.
Easy to apply.
Economical price.

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