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5 variations of unique wall paint techniques

The beauty of a house is not only seen from the building, but also from the interior design chosen. One of the walls of the house, becomes an important thing that is inevitable in assessing the success of your home interior. Of course, the results of a beautiful wall paint can not be separated from the technique of painting. Not just using brush and roller applicators, applicators for painting walls are very diverse. Therefore, this time will discuss 5 variations of unique wall paint techniques that will make a house even more instagramable!

You can immediately dip one of these applicators and apply it to the wall freely. In an instant your home will become super artistic and instagramable!

Motive Technique
If you like the beauty of patterned walls, you can apply them all to the walls of your house without using wallpaper. It’s really easy to do, one of which is by stamping the motif or by using a patterned roller brush and TADAA! The walls of your house immediately change to become more classy and instagramable!

Mural Technique
This technique is the most hits among young people. This technique allows you to express yourself and your personality even more! Using paint or spray gun, the mural technique produces a 2D work of art in your bedroom. Come on, channel your imagination and creativity through this one painting technique!

Ombre / Gradation Techniques
Gradation technique or better known as ombre is a subtle blend of old and young colors. The beauty of this blend is guaranteed to add aesthetic value to the walls of your home because of the strong artistic impression. Surely your home will look more perfect with a supportive interior arrangement!

Geometric Engineering
The beauty of art galleries can move to your home with geometric painting techniques! You can produce artsy and colorful touches on the walls using only paper or even masking tape. Especially if you are good at choosing color combinations, every guest who comes will definitely not be able to not praise your home!

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Make a Dream House With Limited Budget

Having your own home would be everyone’s dream. But the high price of building materials is a separate problem that constrains homeowners. Well, that’s why present an interesting inspiration about housing with a limited budget that can be used as guidelines.

The use of concrete and wood materials to reduce the budget, but get a charming design results
This simple house uses an open house layout where as much as possible not to use a partition in it. To minimize costs, the completion of this house is made very simple. However, the results obtained are very charming! The combination of concrete and wood makes this residential look with a limited budget really beautiful!

On the ground floor of the house, there is a common room such as a kitchen, dining room, living room which is also a family room. Inside the cube there are bathrooms, bookshelves and televisions, kitchen storage shelves, and stairs leading to the upper floors.

While on the upper floor there are three bedrooms whose floors are designed from wood so as to give the impression of a comfortable space. The large windows as tall as the room are designed so that light can enter the room as much as possible. It also will highlight the design elements from outside the home.

For the sake of providing comfort with limited costs, the architect prefers to invest the cost in applying energy efficiency to the building rather than finishing the scope of the house. The glass door is also one of the architect’s choices so that the house does not seem closed and can show the uniqueness in it. In the outdoor part of the house is also equipped with an open garden that surrounds the house.

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This Three-storey Apartment Design Is Really Charming And Present

Inspired by a modern, charming and millennial three-story apartment design! Friend, curious about the design of this charming three-story apartment?

Three-storey apartment with a very attractive contemporary design
This three-storey apartment designed by Lenka Mikova and Marketa Bromova has an area of ​​180 square meters.

This three-storey apartment is designed in white with attractive elements in the room. Because, the client of this house asked the architect to redesign the existing plywood in the house with a beautiful view and create a modern home inspired by medieval American interior style.

The middle age style is done by making the interior space clean and has a simple design and gives a distinctive emphasis on the surface. This is done to visually highlight the natural texture of the material and its quality.

Contemporary style with oak wood material as a connector
Careful material selection can be seen from the selection for the floor surface.  Of course, the difference in material depends on the function of the room. Although the floor on each floor is different, but there are some features that are installed as a common thread for the overall interior of the residence.

The use of high doors from floor to ceiling, making the room feel spacious and high.

This house is divided into three floors, so the layout of the room is divided depending on the floor. On this floor you can see a large family room or living room equipped with a TV watching room, dining room and also an open kitchen. This room without insulation makes the room feel roomy. Do not forget to also have a terrace in the outside area that is connected through a sliding glass window.

The main feature found in the room on the main floor is a wooden unit that extends as a lounge and also a kitchen on the wall.

By placing various necessities on one side of the room, the other side can be used as an area to hang paintings. The kitchen area itself can be hidden when not needed so it does not interfere with the view of the middle floor room.

The kitchen area is equipped with a marble table between the kitchen and dining room.

Then on the floor below there is a child’s bedroom equipped with a small hall that functions as a playroom. The living room is spacious enough so that from the play hall to the bedroom can be an exciting playground. Children’s bedrooms are equipped with outdoor patio areas through sliding glass doors.

The walk-in closet area is cool and the bathroom is decorated with playful tiles.

On the upper floor there is a workspace and also a master bedroom equipped with a bathroom and walk-in closet. The bedroom for parents is designed quite simple without a lot of ornamentation in it. So that the room feels cleaner and also simpler.

The bathroom is elegantly designed for the parents’ bathroom. With a combination of black tiles on the entire wall and gold color on the bathroom features make this space feel luxurious and intimate. The water tap is adjusted according to the hexagon tiles.

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Garden in the house is more beautiful

Designing an environmentally friendly home is certainly a necessity for every architect in the world. An environmentally friendly design by minimizing the use of energy, various kinds of plants and also enough open space in the house is part of the way to realize an eco-house. Like this house in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The house that embodies the concept of eco-house is designing a garden area in the house, you know! Wow, it’s really interesting, the concept of residential in Vietnam. Curious as to how cool and beautiful, the garden in the house? Come on, we will see together the inspiration.

The house that was designed by MM ++ Architects feels very beautiful both outside and inside the building. This house was built in a residential area of ​​Ho Chi Minh which is quite dense. With the size of the house which is certainly not small, residential arrangement is equipped with a garden and voids in the interior.

Of course, the existence of a garden in this house makes the natural light of the sun easily enter the dwelling, and plus the air exchange circulation becomes easier.

Uniquely, the ground floor of the house is raised so that it is different from the height of the street. This house is really unique, right ?!

For the guest entrance, there are stairs with a mini garden with a variety of plants decorate it. While the other door is a door with stairs that directly leads to the patio and kitchen area of ​​the parking lot.

On this first floor there are a variety of public and private facilities. In addition to the living room, patio and kitchen, there is also a master bedroom and service areas such as toilets and laundry. The living room on this floor feels very spacious with a patio. There is a comfortable sofa, a low guest table, and a television as an indoor entertainment facility.

The kitchen which is also equipped with a dining area has a very prominent appearance. The kitchen which looks elegant and is also complete is very pleasant for residents who love cooking activities. The long and spacious dining table that can be used for large events in this house.

The thing that becomes the main star in this residence is the existence of a patio that does feel very beautiful and refreshing. The patio area is designed with trees and also a pool of water.

Residents of course can sit while reading the available books. Coupled with natural freshness, makes the mind clearer while relaxing or reading a book.

Or want to relax while looking at the scenery around the house, the balcony area which is also planted with green plants like the picture above, can also be an alternative for the occupants of the house.

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Classic Home Design Inspiration!

Often see the artist’s house that looks magnificent like a palace? It is one of the houses that uses a classic themed design. Come on, see the inspiration of classic home design in this review!

Classic design is one of the popular designs in Indonesia.

Typically, this design is applied to large houses, such as mansions or villas.

Classic houses are also synonymous with the dwelling of successful people, because it takes expensive costs to build buildings like this.

Come on, see the classic home design inspiration below!

Classic Home Design Inspiration
Modern Classic Home Design

Modern classic home design you can apply to your home if you don’t like too much decoration.

This design has the same characteristics as the classic design, such as the presence of poles and large windows.

However, the pillars and windows are made simple without additional carvings so the house looks more contemporary.

Full of Pole Decorations
One characteristic of classical design in Indonesia is the presence of large and tall poles on the exterior of the building.

Poles are made like poles in a palace or temple in Europe in ancient times.

Usually, there are unique carvings on the top and bottom of the pillars that make the house more unique.

White Color Domination
Houses that use this design are usually painted with white dominance on the outside appearance of the building.
A clean white color can make a house look more luxurious.
The exterior must always be maintained so that the white color does not quickly get dirty and fade.

The existence of a Large Tall Window
Another distinctive feature of a classic home is the large window and door size.

Unique Wall Decoration
Usually, there are carvings or wall decorations that are patterned and uniquely shaped in homes that use this design.
It takes experts to make beautiful patterns and shapes on the walls.

Minimalist Classic Home Design
Nowadays, classic designs are starting to be combined with other contemporary designs to create a look that is different from other houses.
One of them is a combination of classic and minimalist home designs.
This house still has some of the characteristics of a classic house such as the dominant white wall paint, carvings on the walls of the house, and the presence of large doors and windows.

Like the Ancient Greek Temple
Classic buildings inspired by the design of ancient Greek temples that use sloping roofs and many poles.
Although inspired by ancient designs, classic houses still look charming used for the latest homes.

Because the carvings on poles and walls make the house look very striking.

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Tips for Organizing a Minimalist Stylish Small House

Many people choose a small-sized house with a minimalist style for various reasons. Could be due to a limited budget or land, tastes, and so that it’s easy to clean.

Well, here are some tips on arranging a minimalist style small house to make it look roomy and comfortable.

Pay attention to lighting, do not just white
Many people assume that by applying white paint on the walls of the house will make the house look cool and spacious. Even though many interior designers say that white paint makes the room look more cramped if its use is inappropriate.

If the lighting in your house is dim and the walls are white, then there will be a shadow that causes your room to look gloomy and dirty.

Add a mirror
It is inevitable if a mirror in the room will be able to provide a visual effect on a room to make it look bigger. Mirrors can also be used as reflectors of light so that the house looks brighter.

Not only do these objects reflect objects and light, they can also make your room look lighter and more beautiful.

Large furniture placement
Large furniture but a few will be better for a modern minimalist home than a lot of small furniture. You can choose a set of furniture built in to give the impression of a spacious and simple room.

A large carpet, a large chandelier and even with a large mirror will make the room in your house look more spacious than furniture and accents are small.

Because the less furniture that is in your house will further highlight the modern impression of your home. In addition, by choosing furniture that is large but has little you do not need to bother to clean and maintain your furniture.

Large drawing
To make the impression that a simple minimalist house looks spacious can be done by making the focal point on one object that is quite prominent. You can put large paintings with unique drawings or drawings that have a certain philosophy.

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Minimalist kitchen design inspiration, cool and not eat place

The kitchen is one element of the house that is very essential in everyday life. Especially if you have a hobby of cooking, the kitchen would be a special area that you really pay attention. But regardless of whether you like to cook or not, having a beautiful kitchen is a dream for everyone.

In the modern era, as now, minimalist kitchen design is still excellent for many circles.

Not only saves space, minimalist design also gives an aesthetic impression that is so pampering. Well for you who are looking for kitchen design inspiration, here are 10 minimalist kitchen inspiration.

Like this for example!

In addition to giving the impression of elegance, white color also conjures up a room so it looks more spacious.

Adding some greenery makes the kitchen view not monotonous. Very beautiful!

Cooking will definitely be more fun if the kitchen is cool, right?

Kitchen as well as dining table, really multifunctional.

Not just for cooking, having an Instagramable kitchen like this is also fun for making photo backgrounds.

For those who like wood elements in their homes, this one kitchen design can be an inspiration.

Colorful kitchen atmosphere can also make a good mood you know. Even cooking for hours is no problem.

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Decorate your room to make it look contemporary and Instagramable

In the midst of the changing times, with a variety of social media, such as Instagram, people now make the bedroom a beautiful spot to capture various moments, ranging from vlogging, photos, doing live Instagram with their followers and so on.

Now if you have the desire to change your room so that it is up-to-date and really Instagramable, you can copy some of the following room designs, guaranteed not only that you can make cool photo spots, but you also feel comfortable in your room. That way, you can freely do your various creativity.

If you have a small room or not too large, you can choose some items that are quite simple too. As in the picture above, you can use a small table and arrange some interesting items.

Not only Instagramable for this one, but makes it comfortable. You can decorate your room like this.

Is it really comfortable? You can arrange some plants in your room.

Simple but very comfortable impression. Color selection can also be a consideration for you when you want to decorate the room.

This room is not very spacious, but the right arrangement so it seems very neat and spacious.

Wow, I feel like I have a room in the middle of the forest. Very cool and calm.

If you have a room like this, surely you will never stop doing various things here, starting from vlogging, photos and so on.

Pink color can be the right choice, in addition to seem cheerful, the room looks very neat.

Room with some classic items with dark brown color can look like a really classic room.

Putting some things like this in the room you can also think of you know.

Not only beds and walls that need decorating. To beautify the room you can also choose a cupboard to store items so that it looks neat.

Now that can be your inspiration for your bedroom to be more cool.

Simple but makes it comfortable, right?
To arrange your room, you can choose unique items and arrange it in the corner of the room that you think is appropriate and can look very beautiful.

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Symmetrical House Facades, He Said It Is More Easy To Look At Eyes

After knowing, the importance of a facade in a house, then it’s time for my friend to determine what the facade design of the house would be like. He said, the symmetrical design of the facade of the house is really good for the eyes? What is the reason for the symmetrical design of the facade of the house can be more comfortable and comfortable to the eye?

Symmetrical home facades make your home more integrated with the environment
There are so many who say, that a harmony of residential design with the environment is important. Because, the environment around the house could be a complement to decorative elements of a residential home. Even able to highlight the shape of the house that you live in.

The symmetrical design of the facade of the house makes air circulation and lighting balanced
By choosing a symmetrical facade design, this friend’s house will automatically get an ‘image’ as a healthy home!

Symmetrical shape of the facade of the house can look minimalist
The symmetrical house facade model turned out to be able to be realized in a minimalist composition you know !!

So the symmetrical appearance of the facade, is not just a traditional facade with a gable. However, it can look modern with a flat roof typical of minimalist residences.

The decor of the facade of a classic and beautiful European style home
If you want to have a classic home-style facade in the style of a European home, it can also be realized in the form of a symmetrical residential facade like this.

So it’s more pleasing to the eye, if it’s symmetrical? Interested in trying to look symmetrical facade of the house?

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European House Facade of Classical Design

European-style architecture is easily found in almost all parts of the world. In addition to its enchanting shape, in ancient times the Europeans colonized many countries, thus bringing architectural influence on local buildings including European-style houses.

The hallmark of a European home facade is usually built in the presence of pillars
Characteristic of the facade of a European house which is a favorite in some countries, usually always appearing with the presence of pillars on the right and left side of the residential entrance. Pillar shape generally resembles a cylinder, depending on the design of the European style of the house itself, oriented to the Roman style or to the French style.

The main door that protrudes into a characteristic of the facade of a European home that cannot be removed
European style houses are synonymous with grandeur, so for the selection of models and door designs in European style houses must be magnificent. But there is one characteristic that is present in the facade of European houses that can not be removed.

Identical to the arched main door shape
When you first see a European-style house, it’s easy to see what its characteristics are like.

Also identical to the large window display
In addition to appearing with a magnificent main door and curved top side, the characteristics of the facade of a European house must also not be separated from the model display window which is also large.

Interested in building a European-style house too?