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Simple Modern Bathroom Designs Ideas

In addition to tips on applying a simple, minimalist bathroom design that you can find at the end of the article, we have collected a portfolio of minimalist bathroom designs, from our service providers, to be your reference!

A layer of ceramic walls and matte textured floors, in this bathroom design, will also make your bathroom look more classy.

Bathroom with white mosaic tile is the right choice for a monochrome minimalist white bathroom. To make your bathroom more stylish, install abstract artwork with black trim. Also place a flower vase next to your sink to sweeten the room.

Monochrome minimalist bathroom, with the use of white floors and ceilings and black walls. The lighting around the sink mirror gives its own elegant value. Do not forget, the existence of a window in the bathroom provides natural lighting in the bathroom that carries a dark color like black.

Now, black bathrooms are becoming popular because of the luxurious minimalist impression that is given. Install white lights and windows to provide natural lighting.

The use of simple wall and floor materials, as well as variations of bathroom mosaic tiles on one side of the wall, effectively gives this bathroom a minimalist style.

Black in white, the exact black color composition in the white bathroom makes the bathroom look perfect. Differentiate the color of the floor tiles in the dry area and the shower area and vary the model of wall tiles on different sides. Square or square shaped mirrors are also now popular in use.

Scandinavian-style main bathroom, making your bathroom is not inferior to other room designs. The key Use a waterproof layer of white brick patterned on the walls of the most vulnerable to wet and install the wallpaper of your choice on the side of the wall of the dry area. Give also a little artistic touch by displaying figures. Fur rugs are also a must decoration for Scandinavian design styles.

Bathroom design in the bedroom, is a small version of the main Scandinavian style bathroom above. The use of partitions is also important to avoid muddy rooms when bathing.

Spacious and minimalist bathroom. If you have a large remaining room at home, what’s wrong with having a spacious bathroom? Bathroom that is comfortable and relieved can restore your energy and mood when bathing, you know. In this one minimalist bathroom, the existence of a wide table and soft floral motifs are the main stars! Want?

Small but luxurious, your small bathroom can be designed in such a way as to make it look “expensive” and elegant. The use of a combination of white and light gray displays a luxurious simplicity. The existence of a small chandelier on the bathroom wall to add a classy impression.

This is also supported by a unique ceiling design and insulation. Figura with a thin black frame is also popular for use in modern minimalist homes, including bathrooms.

A touch of wood and stone tiles in the bathroom gives a natural touch of its own. Use wood as a coating in a dry area, this way you do not need to provide intense care to prevent weathering caused by direct water exposure.

Simple bathroom model, with a combination of soft colors and ash. The use of mirrors without trim gives the right minimalist impression. And the placement of greenery enlivens the overall atmosphere of the bathroom.

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Small Bathroom Interior Design

The atmosphere of a comfortable and clean bathroom will certainly affect the mood. Hence, bathroom design has a very big role!

No need to be too big, even a small bathroom can be comfortable if you arrange it properly. For reference to small bathroom designs, you can check below!

Use Bright Colors

Bright colors like white can indeed make a small room look more spacious. Therefore, if you feel the bathroom in your house is rather small, use light colors! Optimizing the use of windows can also help, you know.

Touch of Marble Wall for a Luxurious Impression

Want to make your small bathroom look luxurious? Certainly can! You can decorate a wall area with marble motifs like this. So as not to seem excessive, you can add wood motifs on several sides.

Monochrome style

Black and white monochrome colors are increasingly being liked. The design of your small bathroom can look more attractive with patterned ceramics like this for the floor. You can display the impression of ‘vintage’ in the middle of a modern monochrome atmosphere!

Take advantage of the Blank Wall

Because of its size which is not large, you have to make the best use of all parts of this bathroom. On the top wall of an empty WC, you can make shelves like this for use as a storage area.

Put together with the Laundry Wash Area? Can!

If you are also like this, you can put the washing machine under the sink. Storage area beside the washing machine can be used to store dirty clothes or new towels.

Beautify with Greenery

The presence of green plants makes the atmosphere feel more comfortable and fresh. If you mind taking the time to care for it, you can just use fake plants! You can place plants in the sink area or storage area.

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Modern Bathroom Designs Ideas for Home

The narrow bathroom can still feel comfortable and pleasant, Bun. With a minimalist style, the bathroom will look attractive and look more spacious.

Yes, a minimalist approach does need to be implemented if you want to make a minimalist bathroom. Typically, this style will carry the background with a touch of architecture and a minimalist but still elegant design.

“The simplicity of life is the basis of perfection,” said William Morris, Arts & Crafts visionary.

In the application of minimalist nuances in the bathroom, this concept can be realized by placing equipment in the bathroom that is simple but still looks luxurious.

In addition to choosing calm and neutral colors like white, beige, and gray and black-blue color, the selection of trinkets in the bathroom with a minimalist background is also the key.

For that, choose products such as washbasins, dressers, taps, bathtubs and showers that are right so that the minimalist bathroom looks attractive, as quoted from Kohler’s website.

You need to know, minimalism bathroom fixtures means simple architectural forms, such as geometric shapes, sculptured lines, fine lines and so on. Therefore, the tub and shower must also look visually appealing so they are comfortable to use.

Then, look for a sink mounted on the wall and make the bathroom look sleek. Then, look for accessories that are minimal ornament with a modern feel to make the bathroom look spacious.

Oh yes, Bun, it’s a good idea to choose a closed cabinet to help hide the necessary accessories. And, also consider choosing beautiful materials and accents from candles, shelves, mirrors, and other accessories that enhance the look of the bathroom.

Launch Lakeshoweringspaces, also create the illusion of light and space using a minimal palette of lighting to strengthen the minimalist look. Then, also complete a minimalist bathroom with a shower cover that makes the bathroom look elegant and attractive.

Also, add an inconspicuous glass panel with elegant edges to thicken the minimalist feel that remains elegant. I hope this helps.

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Modern & Small Bathroom Designs Ideas With Shower

Minimalist bathroom design looks spacious. The arrangement of the bathroom chosen can also describe the interior style of the house.

Well, here are some bathroom design recommendations that you can apply.

To get the natural atmosphere when bathing, the Coastal design should be the chosen design.

The atmosphere of the beach will be highlighted in this design, but still provides comfort.

The color choices for coastal designs are white, navy blue, and also Tosca green. Some color applications are used, making the bathroom atmosphere will stay warm.

Display options can use a series of shells or paintings with a beach theme.

Good lighting from lights or adequate ventilation, is one of the hallmark of Scandinavian bathroom design.

Minimal ornaments on display, and further emphasize the impression of simple.

Soft colors like white, and pastel are very appropriate to be applied. Scandinavian design, suitable for making a wider impression.

The selection of tiles with black and white combination like a chessboard, is very suitable to be carried on a Scandinavian design.

The bathroom design is the next recommendation, the Neo-classic design. The style that is carried is modern classic.

The design is enough to make you fall in love because it will get a luxurious and elegant feel.

Basically, the neo-classical design adopted from the Roman and Greek styles.

However, it will be directly proportional to the comfort and luxury that will be obtained.

The design is more focused on the ornaments used on the floor and also the walls, so it will look elegant.

The design emphasizes a comfortable atmosphere like a rural atmosphere.

Cool impression will be obtained, the support of some ornaments such as rocks and wood into an inseparable element.

As an additional impression that looks natural, can add some ornaments such as flower pots.

For those who want to get a middle eastern style atmosphere, Moroccan design suitable for your bathroom reference.

Various carvings are used, can make the bathroom feel more luxurious and magnificent.

Some ornaments such as wooden frames on the bathtub also support the Moroccan-themed style.

Some important bathroom design choices are considered, so that you will be able to get comfort while you are in the bathroom.

Thus, activities in the bathroom carried out become more cool and fun.

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Small & Modern Dathroom Designs Ideas

The bathroom is one room that can change the mood of the wearer. The bathroom is clean, beautiful, and has a neat arrangement will cause a sense of relax for its users. If you have a comfortable bathroom, it will certainly help the user to relax their muscles after doing daily activities.

Many people would want a bathroom with a luxurious impression without reducing the space in the house. By using a minimalist bathroom design, then you will produce a bathroom room that looks elegant and spacious. Nowadays, there are a lot of bathroom design models, so you can freely choose a minimalist bathroom design according to your own family’s needs.

There are several minimalist bathroom designs that can be an option, of course the bathroom design can be a reference in order to make a minimalist bathroom that does not look cramped. Here are some of the most popular bathroom designs this year:

1. Minimalist Bathroom with Mozambique White Ceramics

With the advent of minimalist bathroom designs with white mozambic floors. The bathroom will look more elegant and stylish because it uses a monochrome white design, so the bathroom looks cleaner. In order to add the impression of elegance and luxury, a bathroom can be added to the figure that carries abstract artwork. You can also add a flower vase beside the sink, because the flower vase can serve as a sweetener in the room.

2. Minimalist bathroom with marble stone

This one minimalist bathroom design, is in high demand by the public. Generally the bathroom does not require complicated designs. The use of simple marble can add a special impression. To make it look more perfect, you can add a spotlight to highlight the corner or other side in the bathroom. One option that you can use as a minimalist bathroom concept today.

3. Bathroom with wood and stone material

Use wood material on the dry bathroom only, so the owner does not need to do intense maintenance. Also add natural stone material to add a natural feel to the bathroom.

Everyone certainly craves a minimalist bathroom design and looks spacious and comfortable to use. Some of the design inspirations above are examples of unusual minimalist bathroom designs. You can build your own bathroom concept that you’ve been dreaming of!

4. Bathroom Style Natural Light

The minimalist bathroom design with natural sunlight uses a ceiling design that makes translucent sunlight into the shower / spa room. The design also uses colored walls using a wide mirror so as to give a fresh feel when using it. The existence of this window will provide natural lighting in the bathroom.

5. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian-style minimalist bathroom design is a design that serves to distinguish with other rooms. Use a waterproof layer with a clean white brick motif on a wall that is prone to damp, then install the wallpaper as desired by the owner put it in a dry area. Give a picture in order to produce an artistic touch, then it is mandatory for the Scandinavian design to install a fur rug in the bathroom.

6. Minimalist style with natural stone

This minimalist bathroom design gives an unusual impression to a bathroom. Give a unique ceiling design and has an open area so that rain can enter, because it will give a natural impression on the bathroom. Add bright lighting so that the reflection of light from natural stone looks more detailed. Black framed images are a very popular item for modern bathroom decoration.

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Bathroom Design Ideas

Who would not want to have a bathroom that is cool, clean, and makes you feel at home for a long shower? Minimalist bathroom can be your choice for those who are still looking for the right bathroom design ideas. Minimalist design themes, especially minimalist bathroom designs are still often used as a source of inspiration because they provide a feeling of comfort, clean and always look modern at any time.

A minimalist bathroom with a simple design also means you can avoid piles of unnecessary objects and just collect dust and bacteria. It’s no secret that the surfaces of these useless objects can become a den of disease and bacteria that can run around in your bathroom.

The good news again, the minimalist bathroom also does not need a lot of money, you know. In fact, this minimalist bathroom has high functionality like other luxury bathrooms. As long as you know how to apply a minimalist bathroom design that is appropriate and with inexpensive decor, you can have a minimalist bathroom like a well-known interior magazine that looks luxurious at the expense of making and design friendly in the bag.

Together with Dekoruma, Kania has 10 minimalist bathroom designs that are neat and affordable. Are you curious? Come on, listen right away!

Black Elegant Ash With Natural Lighting

The combination of bathroom tiles in gray and black colors produces a minimalist bathroom that looks elegant and luxurious. Meanwhile, to make this minimalist bathroom look clean and bright without having to spend a lot of money, the source of light used is from natural lighting for the sake of a flexible natural impression. Can save a lot of monthly electricity costs, here! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use lights, you know!

Mini Minimalist Bathroom With Extra Storage

Want to have a spacious, minimalist bathroom but don’t have a lot of space? This is the clever design inspiration. With white domination, this minimalist bathroom looks more spacious. Whereas furniture with wood material is applied with double functionality, that is, wall storage and the place of the faucet that blends perfectly.

Comfortable Japanese-style Oriental feel

Your minimalist bathroom doesn’t need to look boring like an average minimalist bathroom design. An inspiring context from a custom bathtub that takes inspiration from Japanese-style baths. Enough with the addition of a minimalist chair, this minimalist bathroom is guaranteed to make you feel at home soaking for long.

Extra Chair Installation For A Unique Minimalist Bathroom Design

Clean, neat and still simple, this minimalist bathroom just needs a small space for a clean, empty atmosphere. Suitable for bathrooms with showers, this extra wooden chair is installed for a decorative effect with high functionality. In addition, the element of wood also adds warm minimalist bathroom which is dominated by white ceramic.

Play with ceramic motifs for a smart, minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroom can still look luxurious without having to spend a lot of money if you are good at playing on the floor and wall ceramic motifs. With hexagonal ceramics and regular ceramic alloys on the walls, this minimalist bathroom with bathtub looks smart, chic, retro style without having to install many other unnecessary decorations.

The large selection of bathroom ceramics on the market also means you can choose according to the budget, you know. In addition, the business of cleaning the bathroom is also easy by routine mopping.

Attractive Lighting Produces Beautiful Minimalist Bathrooms

Still with concrete walls that are not much made up and the ground floor is not installed with ceramics, this minimalist bathroom still looks elegant and luxurious. The key is consistency in the neat “raw” element plus the unique installation of beautiful lamps. The result? A minimalist bathroom that is not too decorative but still has a beautiful chic style.

Perfect Melting With Home Interiors

Many modern lofts or apartments today have one mini-sized bathroom. If so, make sure you make it as comfortable and as perfect as possible. It’s not difficult or expensive! In fact, this minimalist bathroom design is classified as very easy and does not require much effort or space!

Focus on a minimalist bathroom that blends perfectly with the interior of the house and separates bathing activities for a minimal wet space. Meanwhile, for the purpose of dressing up, it can be combined with the space in the house so that it does not take up much space at all.


Add Minimalist Bathroom Accessories That ‘Shine’

This minimalist bathroom is especially suitable for inspiration for bathroom designs for guests. With a simple concept that always looks clean, add bathroom accessories and decorations that are different than others. An example is a brass accessory that gives a different color accent to the predominance of white, black or ash. The result? Your minimalist bathroom glows.

Glass Partition

This black color also gives the impression of a minimalist bathroom that is not too pale and there is an appropriate color gap.

Beautiful Mirror As The Main Focus Of Minimalist Bathrooms

A mirror has the ability to change the face of a boring minimalist bathroom into an attractive and unique. Choose a minimalist bathroom mirror that is medium in size with a beautiful frame, and the results? You can have a minimalist bathroom with a different accent and still stylish.

Carrying a simple minimalist concept, a minimalist bathroom is no longer a difficult thing to obtain. If you pay attention, a minimalist bathroom has a soothing luxury, but can be achieved at a cost that you can adjust to your pocket. As long as you are diligently looking for sources of inspiration that suit your taste, a dream home with a beautiful minimalist bathroom can certainly be realized.

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Bathroom Design Types That Homeowners Should Know

At least you have to have a lot of bathroom design reference types. To be able to determine which type of bathroom design that suits your needs as the owner of the house.

Bathroom design types for sea fans
The atmosphere of the interior design that depicts the atmosphere of the sea or in cool language is called, coastal design style is definitely right for homeowners who love the beach and also the sea. Then, to decorate the walls, you can display sea-themed paintings or decorations from shells.

Well, this is a beautiful coastal bathroom design!

The type of bathroom design for nature lovers
Natural and natural nuances that you can get from the type of rustic bathroom design.

If you choose the type of rustic bathroom design, it means you have to be diligent and committed to diligently cleaning it to avoid porous or damaged bathroom filler material.

The attractive style of exotic bohemian bathroom designs
For friends who have more interest in the atmosphere of an exotic bohemian style decoration, it turns out that this design style can also be applied to bathroom interiors.

Usually the Bohemian style is applied in a way, choosing the type of patterned bathroom floor tile and choosing the style of the mirror carving model. And it will be more perfect if you add aromatherapy candles in it.

Those who like simplicity certainly go well with Scandinavian style
For those who like simple designs, they will definitely match the Scandinavian style design type! The dominance of shades of white, gray, black and the use of wood materials become an important element in the design style of this Scandinavian bathroom.

The point is, the nature of Scandinavian bathroom design must feel bright, clean, and simple, friend. So that makes the bathroom feel more spacious.

Optimal lighting from both ventilation and lighting can make the scandinavian bathroom design stand out more. However, decorative vases or leaf ornamental plants can be applied to make the bathroom look fresher and more beautiful.

For fans of the impression of luxury and elegance, a modern bathroom style would be more appropriate
If the scandinavian style emphasizes the impression of being simple but sweet, then for those who like luxurious and elegant nuances, it seems that the type of modern bathroom design is more appropriate to be applied.

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Inspirational, Unique Public Toilet Design

Regarding the design of public toilets which are one of the public facilities in a country, it is also important to be prepared in detail. The thing is if the design of public toilets in a country is good and clean, then indirectly it can make citizens and tourists comfortable to move. Do you want to see, are there some examples of unique and inspiring public toilet designs in various countries?

The design of public toilets in shades of white in Japan, which are charming The design of public toilets from Japan is designed bright and also very clean. This toilet is located in the historic temple parking area and is a symbol for the city of Nakanojo itself.

Futuristic public toilet design models in Japan
The toilet building that looks like this house is the work of Daiho Ishii + Future-scape Architects. Located on an island, this public toilet design will be safe for use by local people or tourists. The design reflects the locality of the area.

This building will certainly attract the attention of island visitors. This toilet has a shape like the tip of a wooden torch The design is very stylish and also practical Not only that, the toilet facade is also used as a bicycle parking barrier.

The style of public toilets in Texas is very industrial and masculine
Being on a hiking and biking track, this unique toilet has become an icon in a park located near the Colorado river. Miro Rivera Architects as the designer gives a vintage style that is quite artistic, this toilet is favored by park users because of its quite complete facilities.

Golden toilet in London-England
A unique design from Gort Scott does not look like a toilet. It looks luxurious and stunning.

The elegant shape and color make it not only a public facility but also an icon of art in the area. Not only the outside, the inside also looks clean.

The proof is public toilets in various countries above are used comfortably by residents. Not just an ordinary building, public toilets are also designed to be attractive in terms of exterior and interior.

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Make the Room More Enchanting, Here It 9 Inspirational Bathroom Mirror Design

Just use a mirror with an attractive design and shape in the room! Come on, look at some inspiring bathroom mirrors!

One important furniture in the bathroom is glass.

Glass or mirror is useful when you want to look in the mirror when washing your face, brushing your teeth, or when putting on makeup.

The right mirror design and shape can make a room look more beautiful.

From vintage shades to minimalist shades you can see below.

Come on, look at some inspirational bathroom mirrors that make the room look more charming!

Bathroom Mirror Design Inspiration
Gold Figura Bathroom Mirror
For bathrooms that have a vintage feel, this glass is right for you!
The shape of the figure is simple, but looks antique like a mirror in the 1950s.
A touch of gold in the glass figure can make the room look more luxurious.

With a Unique Shape
Minimalist and modern, this is what comes to mind when looking at this glass.

This mirror can make a plain bathroom design more attractive.

Try to arrange your mirror like this one design inspiration.
Views like this make the room look more fashionable and elegant.
Just use this one mirror design.
This mirror has a frame with a unique style.
The fading color makes this mirror look like an antique mirror.

Minimalist Shape
A minimalist room needs a minimalist mirror too.
Its simple shape actually makes this glass look more attractive.

Bathroom Mirror Design Details
This mirror has a beautiful design.
Carving on the top of the mirror makes it look more luxurious.
A touch of copper in the mirror can give a classic feel to the room.

Corner Glass
Unlike the other mirrors, this one mirror has an interesting shape.
The shape makes this mirror suitable for use in the corner of the room.

Take it easy, this mirror has a long circular shape so it does not have sharp edges.
The black figure makes it suitable for use in monochrome colored bathrooms.

Full-length Mirror
Unlike the other mirrors, this one mirror is not hung on the wall, but stored on the floor.
The size is big enough so that you can see your whole body’s reflection, not just your shoulder reflection.
The simple shape makes this mirror suitable for use in minimalist and modern nuances.

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Trends Ceramic Coloring on Bathroom Walls

He said the feel of a nice bathroom is white, because it can make the atmosphere inside look clean.

The colored impression was obtained from the choice of ceramic types of bathroom walls, buddy! What if now, we restore the playful atmosphere by choosing the type of colored bathroom wall tiles?

Pink ceramic walls make the atmosphere more romantic
Surely many people do not know yet, the use of this type of pink bathroom wall tiles can make the bathroom interior atmosphere so romantic.

Ceramic wall tiles that are colored, make the atmosphere look classic
The return of colored bathroom wall tiles like this, as reminiscent of the style of bathroom interior design around the 60-70s.

Certainly in the houses of friends in the 60s, 70s to 80s, on average, they would use a style of bathroom tile design that was colored like this. You see, in the past, minimalist style trends did not yet exist, so the classic nuances of colors and decorations were also applied in the bathroom.

Each color ceramic bathroom wall has a different meaning
When you have decided to use the type of colored bathroom wall tiles, it would be better if you already know what kind of atmosphere in the bathroom you want.

For the impression and a cheerful atmosphere, maybe the color choice of bathroom ceramics namely yellow is more appropriate to use.

Meanwhile, to get the impression and atmosphere of a cooler, cooler and calmer bathroom, the choice of mint green ceramic colors is the choice.

Still appropriate, this type of colored bathroom ceramics with a minimalist style bathroom filler model? Even so decorative and very attractive, the bathroom design!