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Expert Cleaning Tips You Need To Be Using!, Home Cleaning Idea

When you are fasting in Ramadan, your body becomes more easily tired because there is no food or drink intake.

Cleanliness of the house is the main source of health and well-being of the family. Now, to ease your clean-up job, Beres summarizes 6 easy tips and tricks so you can save time and energy, while keeping the house clean and neat.

Use a Broom to Clean the House Sky

House ceilings are very vulnerable to spider webs. Generally, most people use stairs to reach ceiling & ceiling walls and clean it with a washcloth.

In order not to get tired and run out of energy, use a broom to clean it. Use cloth that is not used, then tied tightly on the broom. That way, you can start sweeping all the dirt that is easily available.

Clean the Hanging Fan / Ceiling Fan With Pillowcases

Now is the time! The way is easy. The goal is that dust can go directly into the pillowcase without falling too much on the floor.

Clean Oil Stain On A Plate With Baking Soda

You have to clean and rinse it repeatedly until it’s clean. To handle this, you can try using baking soda.

Baking soda can help you clean stubborn oil stains on a plate and eliminate unpleasant odors potently and quickly. You must try it!

Overcome Oily Cookers With Vegetable Oil

When frying or sauteing food, the oil that is flying and splattered on the side of the stove is often unavoidable. In addition to vegetable oil, you can also use baking soda or vinegar to clean it. In this way, cleaning when fasting becomes easier, right?

Clean the Keyboard With Cotton Buds

When was the last time you cleaned between your laptop or computer keyboard? Use the tips of cotton buds to clean the gaps between the keyboard. Dip the cleaning fluid of the electronic device or water in the cotton buds so that dirt is more easily removed.

Remove Stain Drinks From Carpet With Shaving Cream

Juice spilling on the carpet? No need to worry. First, spray the shaving cream on the carpet stain and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, use a scrub and rub gently to avoid damage to the carpet.