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6 Inspiration for Sliding Doors at Home

Although not a top choice, it turns out the sliding door or better known as the sliding door has many functions. The sleek door that is often used to separate the room can be used as a smart investment thanks to the advantages of its design and function. The many unique, minimalist, and stylish designs make this sliding door suitable for whatever your home design. Having a slim physique, allows sliding doors to be installed anywhere in your home. Come on, get inspiration for the placement of sliding doors through this article!

Also when throwing a sliding door will give more space or a more intimate formal atmosphere with the door closed and make the room seem very spacious.

Therefore, sliding doors are perfect for those of you who have dirty and clean kitchens at home!

Gives an Elegant Impression to the Bathroom
No matter whether your bathroom is large or small, sliding doors will make it more practical and simple. The minimalist design of the sliding door will give an elegant impression. Most importantly, sliding doors will save space in your bathroom!

Sliding Doors that Beautify the Balcony
Source: Slim Line Glazing & Aluminum Systems
When used as a room divider between your home and balcony, sliding doors will give a sweet touch. Especially when choosing a transparent sliding door, in addition to adding natural lighting into the house, of course also will provide unlimited views outside the home.

Transition between rooms
Sliding doors can maximize the room of your house very well. In addition, sliding doors are perfect for homes that need more space, thanks to the mechanism of the sliding door when it opens compared to ordinary doors. Especially by using glass material, the transparency of the sliding door glass panel will give the impression of relief to the room!

Use sliding doors to add a contemporary touch to the interior of your room! That is because the sliding door is more modern compared to conventional cabinet doors and gives the impression of relief.

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Modern Front Door Designs, Interior Design Ideas

Inspiration of Anti Mainstream House Door Design
Model door is one of the elements of the house that needs to be considered carefully. First, the material for the door model of the house must be strong and have a key that is not easily broken. Second, consideration of the aesthetic value of the door model of the house itself.

Most residential owners prefer the minimalist door model because it is more simple and suitable for any home concept. However, it never hurts to also choose a unique model of home door.

A unique door model will make your house look different and anti-mainstream so that all the neighbors will gape. Interested in using it? C’mon, take a peek at the six unique door models from Kania below!

Model of House Door that Rotates 180 °

So far, the spinning door model is only found in luxury malls. In fact, in fact the concept can also be applied to the door model of the house, as in the inspiration above. However, the rotation is only 180 °, yes!

To open it, you only need to push the door model of this house like a door in general. It’s just that this door model is designed without using hinges, but instead uses a shaft in the middle so it can rotate.

The use of wood material on this door model is in line with the wall next to it so it can create a camouflage effect. Thus, this door model looks like a normal wall when closed. Very unique, huh?

Model of Curved House Door

The model of the door to the house with an arch at the top is more identical for a classic style house. However, with the right paint and material selection, this door model can also look minimalist, you know! Like the inspiration above, this door model is framed using pink paint and around it there is a lounger to relax, a wall lamp, and some lanterns that are hung on the wall.

This door model looks unique because the opening is divided in a ratio of 1: 3, not 1: 1 like a door in general. Part of the door using wood material painted white. Meanwhile, the rest use glass material which also functions as a window. As a complement, there is a minimalist canopy roof that follows the shape of this curved door model.

Model Door of the House of Fiction

For those of you fans of fictional stories, surely you will imagine a model of the door of a house full of engraving like this. More precisely, a wooden door with carved pictures of animals. The nuances of the door model of this house feels mystical, especially the part of the frame is made of iron poles that are formed like roots of vines. In addition, the roof terrace near the door model of this house is also supported by iron that resembles tree trunks and branches. Dare to use this door model house?

Model of House Doors with Attractive Colors

At first glance, this one door model does look ordinary. The shape is rectangular with two openings. However, the selection of a bright yellow color that makes this house door model look unique and is guaranteed to make your neighbors gawk.

This door model uses black hinges. In addition, the appearance of this door model is even more striking because it is flanked by gray walls. It is certain that this door model will continue to be reflected in the memories of those who pass through it.

Model Door House with Tree Shadow

Forget for a moment the function of the curtain to keep the sun out through the door model of the house that uses glass material. You can replace the curtains with tree shadow images, as in the inspiration above.

The shadow is made of boards which are cut and carved into tree shapes. After finishing making it, you can stick it on the front side of the glass door model. In addition to dispelling sunlight, neighbors who pass in front of your house can enjoy its beauty and uniqueness. With this door model, it feels like being in the middle of a forest.

A Model of a Small Size House Door

Want to have a model of a magnificent door, but the difficulty to open and close it because it is too big? Then, this one door model is perfect for you. The door model of this house is about the size of a standard door, but it looks very majestic and big thanks to the deceptive doors on both sides.

Meanwhile, at the top of the door model, there is a small window. Not only that which makes it look unique and magnificent, the frame on the door model of this house was made using cement so that it looks more perfect.

Now, of the six door models that Kania has shared above, which one is your favorite? Whatever your choice, do not forget to prioritize safety, yes! Congratulations decorate your home with a unique model of the house door!