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Tips for Choosing the Right Lightweight Brick

When going to build a house, of course my friend wants to use the best material for satisfactory results right? Because the choice of material for the house will affect the strength of the building. So to make a sturdy house or building, you have to be good at choosing the right material.

Among the several materials that might be used to build houses, one of which is quite a lot of interest is lightweight brick. Not only is it more waterproof, lightweight bricks also have a pretty good resistance to earthquakes you know. So that there is no wrong choice, here are some tips on choosing the right lightweight brick for the building.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lightweight Brick:
1. Choose lightweight bricks that have good quality and are produced by companies that have a good reputation such as BLESSCON lightweight bricks from PT Superior Prima Sukses. Which is PT Superior Prima Sukses itself is the largest lightweight brick producer in Indonesia that creates high quality products. So that way you don’t need to worry and doubt anymore.

Considering there are several variations for the thickness of the light brick, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. With so many choices, my friend so it’s easier to choose according to your needs right?

Quality lightweight brick that is heat resistant / fire resistant and non-flammable. So that the house feels cooler and more comfortable.

Make sure the lightweight bricks are strong. Because despite its light weight, light brick as an important material to make a building must have good resistance or strength to vibrations, such as earthquakes.

Indonesia is a tropical country, so it’s good for you to choose the type of material that is also suitable for tropical housing.

So there is no difficulty in getting the desired lightweight brick, my friend can choose a lightweight brick from a manufacturer whose products are widespread. So it will be very easy to get it.

By following a few tips on choosing the lightweight brick, you will be even easier to realize the ideal home that has long been dreamed of.

Building Materials & Supplies Business & Industrial Construction & Maintenance

Bathroom Ventilation Models Vary

Air vents are an important part that must be considered when designing dwellings.

Especially for bathrooms that produce steam with high temperatures, air ventilation is an element that should not be missed!

Come on, see the following inspiration!

With a size that matches the area of ​​the bathroom, the presence of the window will provide abundant natural lighting in the bathroom.

Exhaust fan, so the type of bathroom ventilation in modern times In addition to using natural style bathroom ventilation, you can also add mechanical ventilation such as exhaust fans.

This ventilation is equipped with an air filter that is installed above the ceiling, then connected to the center of the air flow that is stored in the attic.

Jalousie type windows become a unique bathroom ventilation style Friend can also use bathroom ventilation with jalousie models.

This natural ventilation is mounted on a horizontal window, which is then arranged in a lattice with a gap as a way to enter the light and air.

An artistic bathroom ventilation model For those who like something artistic, the installation of a bathroom ventilation model called the skylight is sure to be your favorite!

How not to be a favorite, this skylight-shaped ventilation application can make you become exclusive and elegant!

Especially if the view around the bathroom is beautiful, it will definitely be very enjoyable in the bathroom, hehe ~

Besides being used for light circulation, bathroom ventilation with a skylight model is also suitable for optimally regulating air circulation patterns.